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Antique Woody House In The Pyrenees

March - 21 - 2013
Posted by cherryl

We’ve previously told you of some attractive and heartfelt Pyrenees chalets, and this house is one of them – a convenient pastoral and vintage home by Mercedes Álvarez de Toledo. The house itself is not so big but the creators achieved to widen it due to the right answers – lots of white color on  [ Read More ]


Designed to spoil your sanities and proposal the best luxury holiday you can perhaps vision of, this departure greetings you with sights of elegant royal palms and turquoise blue sea. With an unabated view of Flamands Bay, the villa competitions the stunning exteriors with equally exquisite interiors laced with modern minimalism. The interiors have been  [ Read More ]


Large and Minor House is a scheme planned by Anonymous Architects in Los Angeles, on a hillside. The house, like observing a heavy box, despite its small presence, is quite roomy. The architects chose not to divide the space in the rooms but to create a comfortable feeling of breeziness, embracing the lack of boundaries.  [ Read More ]


This vibrant loft in a foolish synthesis of elegances is situated in Brooklyn, New York. Giant gaps give much bright and let enjoy the opinion of Manhattan. Here you’ll see barn doors, contemporary colorful furniture and manufacturing pieces, antique and glam pieces. The owners wanted to create a warm and inviting feeling and they managed  [ Read More ]


This amazing residence is projected by Nico van der Meulen. Whether it was the revamp of a mid-century villa or a renovation of an sophisticated contemporary home, these guys deliver without fail.  Their newest formation is House Cal in South Africa – a new home intended from scrape.Building a home from scratch obviously gives architects  [ Read More ]


If you ever speculated how art and works can donate to the project of a contemporary apartment, here is a live example. Apartment F5 was particularly intended by Fleitz Group Identity Architects to house the extensive art collection and hundreds of books belonging to an older couple living in Stuttgart, Germany. The result is elegant  [ Read More ]


For certain persons, a vision home is a house anywhere in a private area, with vegetation all around it and with nobody around to bother them. For others, it can be a simple apartment as long as the interior is warm and inviting. In fact, it could very well be this apartment.Located in Mallorca, this  [ Read More ]


The sense you get from watching the insides of this delightful home in Bondi, Sydney, Australia, is that of dexterity. Designed by architect Uri Turgeman and interior designer Shellee Gordoun, the house claims four chambers and three bathrooms, all displaying attractive white & blue finishes. The ethereal atmosphere is probably related to the home’s coastal  [ Read More ]

Stunning Y-Shaped Home in Mexico

March - 9 - 2013
Posted by jennie

This beautiful Y-shaped household, situated in a small town in Mexico, San Luis Potosí,  is the home of a twosome that no lengthier exists with the children. The house was intended as a space that offers plenty of privacy for the couple that has to get used to the new, less “dynamic” lifestyle. The house  [ Read More ]


Cheerful and airy, the Blake House in London exposed on 1st Option ranks high in inspiring facts. A modest color palette defined by white and mulled up with unforeseen vivid hues lets out a feeling of stylishness and gracefulness. Each interior seems more imposing than the next and the consistent design makes the room transition  [ Read More ]