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Here is wonderful apartment design with book storage organization in Paris. It’s designed by H2O Architects who are well-known for innovative product and room designing. This 60 m2 apartment is fit for a comic books collector. The apartment was planned in such a way for owner can display the book assortment with contemporary living space.  [ Read More ]


Here is a beautiful and luxury beach house design in Costa Rica. It’s a space that we could love and that is encircled by leafy trees and lovely environment. Here is an idea to decorate your house full of hardware design on a beautiful beach site with open concept of beautiful swimming pool. Let’s see  [ Read More ]


Welcome to an incredible waterfront home that takes in the attractiveness and peacefulness of the nature reserve it neighbors. Found on Skeppsholmen, the scheme consists of a magnificent building which serves as the primary living area and two other small constructions. The main building presents a dazzling kitchen with wood furnishings, marble counter tops and  [ Read More ]

Small Apartment with Retro Touches

April - 25 - 2011
Posted by karen

Architects Irina and Anna Sokolov have formed a small apartment of 70 square meters in Minsk, which is decorated with fine interior with nice retro style details. The rough brick walls of the kitchen are giving it an antique touch and some coziness. Its bedroom is also decorated in the same style; pictures, fine bed,  [ Read More ]


This upper floor in France is marked by the fact that the first apartment burnt and then designers formed a beautiful dazzling loft. The owners wanted to have a loft with a complex geometry of the walls. The interior is modern and economical with some interesting details like heavy wooden beams in all the rooms,  [ Read More ]


This is a contemporary family house design in Swedish that has been renovated but still maintained its relationship with its roots in 1920 when it was designed by Arvid Fuhre in the style of the Governor House. Swedish house design was built using a neutral base and then add to this contemporary details such as furniture  [ Read More ]

Modern House-Sculpture in Spain

April - 10 - 2011
Posted by cherryl

This house is one of the best examples of A-cero works inspired by sculptures of Jorge Oteiza. Open Box House is located in the outskirts of Madrid. The forms of the house are exclusive; the façade is made of granulated concrete. The area of 2600 square meters includes the garage and facilities, four bedrooms, a  [ Read More ]


This apartment called Prahbu is located in Melbourne, Australia and was created by dKO Architecture. The interior is contemporary, kind of simple and is done in neutral colors as the owner wanted. The centerpiece of the living room is a fireplace wall done in rough grey stone. The furniture is elegant and the material and  [ Read More ]


Based on a range of beautiful scenery, the Alila Villas Hadahaa island resort in the Maldives is the perfect place for a relaxing vacation. Designed by SCDA Architects, the amazing retreat welcomes its guests with a surprising collection of inside and outside spaces. Featuring 16 Island Villas, 20 Island Villas with a private pool, and  [ Read More ]


Today we are going to show you a wonderful 1, 5 room apartment with the touch of Scandinavian plan at this Swedish apartment plan. This well-designed crib covers a surface of just 42 square meters. The living room plan is airy, airy and bright with windows that will let you peek into the quiet neighborhood.  [ Read More ]