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This dream house is designed by Najjar & Najjar, which is located on the slope of the Poestling Berg. Postling berg is a district of Linz in the northernmost part of the city and one of the most important sights and is situated on a hill with a height of 539 meters. Najjar & Najjar have  [ Read More ]


This beautiful house is built in a way so you can see the trees and the outside view even from the inside of the house. The roof of this house is covered with beautiful green plants.There is crystal clear swimming pool with the glass boundaries. The central green courtyard brings life to even the innermost  [ Read More ]


The designer has designed the house, shaped like letter “K”. This seems very innovative and intersting. The house is located in a beautiful place with a perfect view. It has stylish sliding glass doors and windows. There are sound proof home heaters and two bathrooms, Wood floors and a very stylish “K” shaped bookshelf which  [ Read More ]


Most of the time people love to have an apartment on ground floor because it takes low time to get to road. Here we are giving a new stay on the 61st floor of the metropolitan tower and you can have a marvelous look of whole city by standing across epitomize. Every room is designed  [ Read More ]


A famous Hollywood star Mal Gibson has a very good choice in selecting home structural design. Actually he has a very luxurious house in Greenwich and the house is designed to optimize outdoor space and designed garden at the house backyard. Garden has unique scenery and plants are arranged like maze game stadium. There was  [ Read More ]


The most wonderful thing about living in wood home is closest to the nature. Barrow House is the project by Andrew Maynard Architects is such wooden home which has all modern features for comfortable living. Both inside and out, meticulous woodwork is simply spectacular. Everything what is possible is made from wood. Even though the  [ Read More ]


Skywave House is designed by Cosica Day and the main feature of this house is its modeled roof, which reminds us about breaking wave. It seems that it floats over the 1st floor garden space and surrounded by glass. The color theme of this house is black and white and the house is designed with  [ Read More ]