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This private residence is the work of Farm D’Arte, in Rome. Contemporary and uplifting, the house is filled with cosmopolitan décor details such as avant-garde and pop art paintings, a creative fireplace, stainless steel and glass. The main colors chosen for this décor were velvet royal blue, smooth purple and red. The interior is bright,  [ Read More ]


Adding a contemporary addition to an Edwardian home can be a challenging task. Cloud House is a project envisioned by McBride Charles Ryan in Melbourne, Australia and consists of a renovation and extension of a century-old home. According to the architects, “the street facade has been left to demonstrate the clients’ respect for the evolution  [ Read More ]


Architect Henrique Steyer, from Albus Design envisioned an intriguing home in Porto Alegre, southern Brazil: “In our latest project, I allied top international furniture with a series of French antique pieces to confer luxury and irreverence to this apartment. The owners, a young couple used to traveling around the world, and therefore with a rich  [ Read More ]


Escapism in NA pattern of the rural landscape, the house located in Wairau Valley mixes concrete with wood, unveiling a particularly beautiful home, rich in pavilions and open spaces. The Parsons Architects, the firm responsible with defining this residential project, envisioned a place that emerges with the landscape. The Eucalyptus Saligna wood is very present  [ Read More ]


Serbia based ArhitekturaBudjevac ( completed the renovation of an apartment in an old 70′s building. The designers had the task to turn an old, family-dwelling apartment into a single dwelling contemporary area. The apartment in its initial state was characterized by a number of small clusters, all assigned with distinct functions, typical of the Socialist  [ Read More ]


Harmonically combining steel, wood, stone and glass, this spectacular mansion, that impresses with its presence was designed by Jamie Bush. La Cañada Mid-Century is located at the foothills of Sierra Madre, in Los Angeles. Embracing the wonderful landscape, the house was envisioned as a project that focuses on bringing the exterior inside the house. That’s  [ Read More ]


This beautiful residence was not completely finished when the Poznań-based architects from mode:lina started working at it. Its still raw state was, however, the perfect start.The architects got to work with a structure that was not completely finished and that they could basically transform in any way they wanted without being limited or influenced by  [ Read More ]

Spacious and Stylish Apartment

January - 12 - 2013
Posted by cherryl

Ideally, we would all have huge homes where we could have all the furniture and accessories we need. But we don’t live in an ideal world so it often happens that we have to deal with space-related problems. When you have a small home you often have to make sacrifices. This means not getting to  [ Read More ]

Stylish Villa With Extensive Mont Blanc

January - 12 - 2013
Posted by cherryl

Each of the interiors of the chalet is characterized by a richness in details: “all bedrooms have floor to ceiling windows and their terraces with their own dramatic views of the mountains and the rolling country side. Situated on the 1st floor is its lavish luxurious living room, perfect for those intimate moments and to  [ Read More ]


The house was designed and built by Japanese architectural practice Kidosaki Architects Studio and was completed in 2012. The site chosen for this project presented several challenges. But for the owner the most challenging part was to find this place. He spent a few years searching for this site. He wanted the location of the  [ Read More ]