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Designed to spoil your sanities and proposal the best luxury holiday you can perhaps vision of, this departure greetings you with sights of elegant royal palms and turquoise blue sea. With an unabated view of Flamands Bay, the villa competitions the stunning exteriors with equally exquisite interiors laced with modern minimalism. The interiors have been  [ Read More ]

Stylish Villa in French Alps

February - 19 - 2013
Posted by jennie

Les Gentians 1850 is a delightful winter chalet, that holds the astounding loveliness of the situation and offers a enjoyable involvement wrapped in comfort and style. The elegant wooden chalet, located in Courchevel, the French Alps,  is the perfect winter retreat. Courchevel is a ski resort with plenty of facilities: restaurants, bars and last but  [ Read More ]


Creation mainly out of an outstanding location in Auntie Dol Bay Anguilla Caribbean Villa Kishti boasts four bedrooms, four bathrooms and a generously-sized infinity pool neighboring the sea. Especially designed by the creative team at Cecconi Simone to serve as a luxurious holiday retreat, the residence is currently available for rent, at a jaw-dropping cost  [ Read More ]

Stylish Villa With Extensive Mont Blanc

January - 12 - 2013
Posted by cherryl

Each of the interiors of the chalet is characterized by a richness in details: “all bedrooms have floor to ceiling windows and their terraces with their own dramatic views of the mountains and the rolling country side. Situated on the 1st floor is its lavish luxurious living room, perfect for those intimate moments and to  [ Read More ]


If you love the taste of summer and the long walks on the beach, this is a house for you. For the inner you, that is. Located on the shores of South Pacific Ocean (unfolding a Mediterranean windy climate), the Rock House (the latest residential project signed UN Arquitectura is a place that enhances the spirit  [ Read More ]


During the winter season, few places are more popular and dreamy than the Alps. Everyone knows that and all the hotels and chalets are getting ready in advance to receive their guests and to offer them their best. At the Das Tirol hotel in the Kitzbühel Alps, the atmosphere is exquisite. It’s not the type  [ Read More ]

Contemporary Villa on the Island of Mallorca

December - 17 - 2012
Posted by jennie

A private home on a beautiful island is what many people dream of. But for some of us, that’s just reality. For example, the owners of this beautiful home get to enjoy the amazing landscape and weather every time they visit their luxurious property found on the Mediterranean island of Mallorca. The property is called  [ Read More ]

Amazing Villa with Christmasy Décor

December - 13 - 2012
Posted by jennie

Nordic homes are not accurately famous for being warm and comfortable. That’s something due to their simple and regularly white interiors. They most often mark white walls and very simple furniture that’s sometimes black for disparity. One way of making it feel a little heater and more attractive is to have wooden floors. The feel  [ Read More ]

Avant-Garde Contemporary Villa

November - 27 - 2012
Posted by jennie

We came across this house, located on the Mediterranean coast, in the city of Ashdod, Israel. The architectural weirdness, called the Neighbourhood XVII Residence is not an extraterrestrial spaceship, but the work of Zahavi Architects, a group of Israeli enthusiasts, which focus on challenging architecture, playing with shapes, textures and volumes. The avant-garde structure is  [ Read More ]

Gorgeous Holiday Villa

November - 9 - 2012
Posted by karen

We know you guys are very much into large holiday-inspiring dream homes with breathtaking sea views and this particular property is the ultimate display of all the above. Located in Puerto de Andratx, Palma de Mallorca, Spain, the villa (discovered on Sotheby’s) is a perfect romantic retreat and a good example of how nature can  [ Read More ]