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Stylish Bathtub Design by Inax

May - 7 - 2011
Posted by karen

This elegant bathtub design is named Furo bathtub launched by Inax. The design has been well planned idea to form good looking bathtub design as well as something that can give much pleasure of bathing. The bathtub design was made curved according to the body figure so that it will give much soothe and fit  [ Read More ]

Unique Bathtub Shaped Like a Boat

April - 23 - 2011
Posted by cherryl

Here we are going to show you a unique bathtub which is exclusively made for fun loving people. It looks like a real wooden boat and is made of Oak and Red Cedar. The people who love to keep unusual things will definitely like to have this tub in their bath area. Legs of this  [ Read More ]

Nahho Musical Bathtub by Duravit

March - 9 - 2011
Posted by cherryl

The innovative Nahho musical bathtub by Duravit, wraps you up not only with the look but also with feel and sound. This contemporary bathtub design is simple and spa inspired. The simple bathtub design has straight lines, crisp and clean amazingly great white ceramic that is good to put just about all kind of bathroom’s  [ Read More ]


Are you looking for something catchy and beautiful for your bathroom interior? This bathtub might be worth to consider. Characterized as smooth and sensual curves with a contemporary aesthetic, that’s the new Meg11 bath by Galassia. This ablution is bowl-shaped (well, aren’t they all?) but it’s the attenuate capacity that accord it that artisan appeal.  [ Read More ]

Beautiful Diamond Bathtub by Lori Gardner

January - 21 - 2011
Posted by jennie

In the world luxury products, especially in the case of household related product lines, there seems to be no limit to the imagination to which an artist can go and bring out some of most unique and gorgeous masterpieces to enhance the aura of your house. Now, an all-new product has entered in to the  [ Read More ]


BluBleu products are manufactured in Italy in the headquarters at San Vito al Tagliamento that has an operational area of 35000 square meters, thus ensuring a careful and accurate control over all stages of production. This is a contemporary whirlpool bathtub by blu bleu, contemporary bathtub with wooden finish this has a modern design; in  [ Read More ]


All women are crazy about shopping high heels, so why not combine the two things and get a unique and state of the art … bathtub for your bathroom. This is apparently what the Italian guys from SICIS have thought about when they designed and manufactured a mosaic shoe-shaped bathtub.  Italian designer Massimiliano Della Monaca  [ Read More ]

Cool Bathtub by Glass Idromassaggio

October - 21 - 2010
Posted by karen

While a clear glass, see-through bathtub is not what most people would describe as a conventional luxury bathroom fitting, it still qualifies to be one of the most high-end creations for a bathroom. Breaking old conventions and going against the trend of using precious gems and stone to turn a bathtub into a luxury bathroom  [ Read More ]


HeyTeam is a design collective born out of the dream of three ready and willing students to make design in the secluded prosperous area of the uncared-for Italy. The team is composed by Claudia Ciarpella, Paolo Emili and Riccardo Paccaloni, all students of Industrial Design at University of Camerino.This project was developed in a workshop  [ Read More ]

Fabulous Bathtub Designs with Built-In-TVs

September - 21 - 2010
Posted by karen

People placing flat screen TVs in the bathroom so they can watch from the comfort of their tub is a pretty recent trend. The tub features a waterproof bathroom LCD TV made for saunas, spas and pools by Karim Rashid; he put the TV right in the tub. There are plenty models on the market  [ Read More ]