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Cool Attic Bedroom Design Ideas

January - 1 - 2013
Posted by cherryl

We already showed you several cool attic bedrooms and now I want to show you more. An attic bedroom is usually associated with romance because it’s great to get the necessary privacy. That cozy nest under the room is awesome to relax, to dream or simply to have a good night’s sleep. Such bedroom is  [ Read More ]


I’ve always found climbing in bed an activity that’s somewhat fun and unusual. I’m not talking only about bunk beds, although these are the most popular beds you climb in. But there are also other alternatives and they are quite similar, although very unique in their design. Here are a few examples.We’re going to start  [ Read More ]


The warmth of the tropical sun can make you feel relaxed and at ease, so using some design cues that have the same effect in your bedroom is a great idea. Decorating your bedroom in a style that evokes something of the tropics will help you sleep and the look is great, too. Update your  [ Read More ]


Twins or brothers or sisters of similar age in general usually share the same bedroom. It’s a simple way of saving space by basically squeezing two or three rooms into one and it’s also a way of allowing your children to interact and to spend more time together. However, at the same time, it’s not  [ Read More ]

Bedroom Styles and Patterns

November - 3 - 2012
Posted by cherryl

Even though it’s true that the bedroom should be as simple as possible in order to feel airy, calm and relaxing, it also feels cold and empty without a hint of color and texture. It’s why accent walls are an especially beautiful feature in the bedroom. They represent a way of introducing color and pattern  [ Read More ]


Every person likes a big house but if we all had one there wouldn’t be much free space left. We’re in a continuous expansion and this means there’s constantly less space we can use. But instead of thoughts that way, a more constructive idea would be to try to use the space we have in  [ Read More ]


The double bed is the most imperative constituent in several bedrooms. It gives the opportunity its given name and it’s also the portion that takes the the majority room. But in view of the fact that in attendance are various types and designs, choosing the correct single for your residence can be hard. Of path,  [ Read More ]


The HUSH day bed is an innovative seating shell that’s designed to create a cozy yet private space for you to chill and recuperate. It can easily open up into a lounger for more social times, or completely close the opening to shut out the light. HUSH is created out of a single piece of  [ Read More ]


This modern daybed is designed by Baldessari e Baldessari for Starpool. It is called “StarLit” daybed, it was initially created for comfort at a high-end spa but they’ve also made it as a chaise lounger for your home. The daybed appears enormously in size but the olive wood cylinders on the ends have a pattern  [ Read More ]


Here is the cute Bed with Storage designed by Dearkids. It is a Compact Collection it includes a solid wood bed, a bed with headboard, a simple bed, a wood writing desk and a single wooden bed. All the pieces of the collection have attractive and contemporary designs and have attractive colors. The bed has  [ Read More ]