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Beautiful floating beds for indoor and outdoor use. The calm rocking of the bed provides good sleep, good health & the great feel of floating. Floating beds are ideal bed, and they are kind of a relaxation machine. These beds are not only designed for their beautiful look but it also provides relaxation. The floating  [ Read More ]


We really like out-of-this-world bed because it is a stylish piece of furniture designed in a typical Lago manner. Letto New Air was first introduced at Milan Design week and was designed by Daniele Lago. This gorgeous bed is made particularly for graceful bedrooms; Letto New Air features translucent support slabs (which contribute to the  [ Read More ]


Futon furniture is lounge furniture and designed in collaboration with a Danish furniture manufacturer – Karup A/S. This unique and comfortable sofa can be transformed into a guest bed through a simple and quick transformation when need. Nest / Nido is a redecorate of a customary futon furniture designed for small spaces. It can be  [ Read More ]


These modern and elegant Centro lounge sofa beds are designed by Rolf Benz. These brown color lounge sofa beds are changeable and modish. It’s recommended for you if you love furniture with modern style. This bed sofa can be used in accordance with the desire, as u want to sleep, sit or place in lounge.  [ Read More ]


This beautiful bed is designed by an Italian architect Angelo Tomaiuolo and formed by Tonin CASA and named as Sleepy Bed. It’s a very stunning, simple and elegant bed, ideal for contemporary homes. It’s a king sized bed, so the size is not a problem, but still, it’s a bed for large bedrooms. With its  [ Read More ]


Adele-C is an Italian company, which wants to make you journey to the world of dreams more swiftly and suggests for your bed a lighted headboard called Mariposa. This headboard is made of a thin sheet of methacrylate and has the figure of some beautiful wings which are illuminated. You can see the slight spots  [ Read More ]

Comfortable Bed by Alexander Seifried

March - 21 - 2011
Posted by karen

This bed is marvelous because you can use it as a sofa in the living room on a regular basis, but when you have a guest who needs to sleep over you simply turn it into a double bed. As you can see in the photo, it’s very easy because the “sofa” is actually made  [ Read More ]

Mobile Bed – Wall Bed Designs for Espace Loggia

November - 17 - 2010
Posted by jennie

Espace Loggia ensures consistent quality of its products by integrating the whole chain of creating, through teams. The great solution for your small bedroom design ideas, limited space does not matter as long as you are smart to be creative. This is the new Mobile Bed from Espace Loggia, comes with minimalist modern design offers  [ Read More ]

Contemporary Bedroom Sets from MFD

November - 10 - 2010
Posted by jennie

Modern bedroom sets come in a range of designs from contemporary ranges to traditional designs. There is a vast range of color, material and even shape to consider. Many people use their bedroom to lie on the bed and watch TV, or read. They may want somewhere to just sit and relax; so bedrooms are  [ Read More ]


One of the classic methods of hanging beds is to simply run four ropes to the various corners, pass them through a circular hole and tie knots below. This low-tech solution works surprisingly well as long as your ceiling can support the extra weight of both bed and sleeper. If you like the idea of  [ Read More ]