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This is a very unique and contemporary shelf. This contemporary shelf is designed by Mexican designer Eduardo Wignall, the designer has used a code as an inspiration for his creation. This shelf is called “Barcode Bookshelf”, it looks like a three-D incarnation of this symbol and has a series of vertical shelves that can hold  [ Read More ]


This is x_shelf, designed by responsive design studio.  The bookshelf is made entirely from CNC-milled Alucobond boards. It’s a very colorful shelf, the shelf includes three colors: red, yellow and blue. The design is based on David Rutten’s “Substrate” component in Grasshopper, the Rhino McNeel Plugin, which is in turn inspired by the processing works  [ Read More ]


The Small Ghost Buster Commode was created by Philippe Starck for Kartell in Italy. It contains four slim legs which are supporting a cube. The amazing small Ghost Buster is the first night stand table created by Kartell. It is simple and versatile object which can be placed in any corner of the house. This  [ Read More ]


Here is an innovative furniture with storage solutions. This bookcase is designed by Orla Reynolds. There are hidden tables and chairs. The Brightly colored tables and chairs are in plain sight between the shelves, it gives a comfortable and space efficient way to read books. The chairs or tables are held by the white squares  [ Read More ]


Here is a very creative shelves. This is a face shelf and it is designed by Alexi McCarthy. The Face Shelving piece is absolutely fascinating.  It is a great place to store precious objects and books. The shelves are very interesting, it depends on you that what you put in or on the shelves, after  [ Read More ]


Here is a very fascinating shelf. This unique shelf is designed by Spanish artist and designer “Tess Hill”. The designer has transformed a wooden chair in a clothes hanger with shelf by only cutting it in half, flipping and hanging it on the wall. It’s a great idea, this interesting shelf will change the look  [ Read More ]


Unique bookshelf called “Tectonics Bookshelf.” It has a very unusual shape, its created in a confusion and has a different form of Trapezia and rectangles, and taken a variety of angles. But its irregular shape won’t let your books fall out of the shelf. Under these shelves there is a cabinet with 2 legs, it  [ Read More ]


The attractive storage unit called “PEEP.” It is a very creative office furniture idea, its soft colors will enlighten your space. PEEP also has an unusual series of legs. All the storage units legs are mounted into the drawer side piece and can be dismounted. PEEP is designed by Note Design Studio. In addition to  [ Read More ]


Vintage is designed by Jaren Goh and inspired by the classical form of furniture, in the most unexpected ways to express emotions. In a creative twirl, the traditional, baroque design, elaborate curls and sensual curves, carved into a modern style shelf. Another contrast of creamy white to complete POPs painting of a dark room, so  [ Read More ]


Tembolat Gugkaev is a Russian designer who has designed a nice and unique bookshelf named Wha Cabinets. This nice cabinet is inspired by a question mark. A lamp is installed in this cabinet that may be turned on if required; it would glow up your space with different amusing colors and it lit up all  [ Read More ]