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The Psych Cabinet was designed by Vivian Chiu, a young and talented designer who studies Furniture Design at the Rhode Island School of Design. The brilliant design of the Psych Cabinet shows that every good idea finds a market once it is transformed into reality. The small dresser has many doors and drawers that were  [ Read More ]


This asymmetrical shelf unit with colored shelving by Italian company Molteni is an ideal match to contemporary attic living and up to date style spaces. Designed by Nicola Gallizia, the 505 shelf systems are mischievous, yet useful. Clean, white open back shelving gap the closed, colored shelves available in lively shades of green, yellow and  [ Read More ]


Artist and designer Sebastian Errazuriz was inspired by nature, by an ivy. This shelf is called Metamorphosis shelf. It reminds of thick ivy but now it’s a storing solution. The shelf is made of Baltic birch plywood painted in black. Such a piece of furniture will match a contemporary or even gloomy interior. It won’t  [ Read More ]


This shelf design is inspired by the wave, how the wave moves and the beauty of waves. It is called summer. This beautiful shelf is designed by Martin Gallagher. Shelves are not only useful to store some stuff but it can be a cool wall decoration in your home. Take a look at this cool  [ Read More ]


On the side of the company, the designer helps to create or upgrade its image, to enable it to more quickly integrate a highly competitive market by creating innovative products, different products with economies of scale (to minimize costs production while obtaining better profitability). On the consumer side, it responds to their requests or even  [ Read More ]


The Salamander bookcases include solid birch cabinets and steal accessories to combine, in order to create your own personalized NONAH bookcase. You can combine them any way you want to get a very own personalized bookcase. Cabinets are available in three sizes. Small cabinets come in velvet red or powder blue, with or without door.  [ Read More ]


The Ideal Form Team was created as a designer furniture company and began production with the “Book” bookcase, which was designed in 1969 by Titti Fabiani. The company has worked closely with many designers, such as the abovementioned Titti Fabiani, Bruno Munari, Gigi and Pepe Tanzi, Lucci & Orlandini, Werner Aisslinger and Paola Navone, and  [ Read More ]