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Eco-friendly project and simple lines are vital like at no extra time! This Use Less Chair by Hungarian Building Painful auworkshop is a determined to save countryside and to create an ergonomic chair that won’t take many resources. The chair consists of an oak piece and it’s a folding one; it can be used as  [ Read More ]


Yoga is astonishing for figure and depth, this is insight of yourself. Zen Circus yoga chair by creators Caroline Kermarrec, Alexia Moisan and Kevin Geffroywould help you to tone up strengths freed from gravity’s effects. It’s a perfect piece for those who practice yoga as it would help you to stretch and relax after a  [ Read More ]

A Stylish Chair Design

December - 21 - 2012
Posted by karen

London based designer Tony O’Neill envisioned the Walnut Shell Seat, an elegant chair showcasing an interesting wooden pattern. The project is composed of panels CNC routed in solid timber and joined together to the seat pan by finger-like lap segments. According to the designer, “although the construction is carefully considered, the furniture piece emphasizes the  [ Read More ]


The Platner chair is one of those pieces of furnishings that relax self-governing of the idea of time. It has an ageless intend. The Platner compilation was calculated in 1962 by burrow Platner who determined to twist his notice to strengthen wire furniture. The armchair is a mainly gorgeous piece that has a contemporary appear  [ Read More ]


This Stylish and Colorful Lounge Chair is inspired by the lotus flower and it is named “Lotus Lounge Chair”. The amazing chair is designed by Bensen. It is a very comfortable and cool chair. The Lotus chair reminds you of the flower with the same name when you see the arm rests that seem to  [ Read More ]


The unusual “Serenad Chair” is reminiscent of the usual Swan boat rides often found at amusement parks. It is created by Ali Alavi. Not only does the Serenad Chair not float, it is a much more abstract and contemporary interpretation of the elegant bird. The Serenad Chair has a unique form of a sleeping swan,  [ Read More ]


This is the “Alcove Chair”. It’s a modern piece of furniture and it was designed by Mike Haley. The chair has a geometrical shape. This design was chosen not only because of its artistic details. The most interesting thing about this chair is that it offers the user visual and acoustical privacy, which is not  [ Read More ]


Here are contemporary chairs called “Chair & Chair” created by Tatiana Bortkevica. It looks like a 3D version of the classic ampersand symbol. It is very comfortable. Decided, if the symbol was re-formed faithfully, the Chair & Chair could have been used as a supported leaning post that would have been more healthy than sitting  [ Read More ]


Here are the colorful chairs called  “Linvin Queen of Love Chairs”. It is a contemporary reinvention of outdoor seating and furniture pieces. The designer has decided to enhance things  with a collection of furniture that is neither shy nor subtle. Featuring a lavishly detailed design. This chair will brighten up your space and will be  [ Read More ]


Here is a creative chair called “The Paper Layered Chair”. It is designed by Vadim kibardin. This unique chair is made out of 37 layers of paper and cardboard. It  was planned to showcase the beauty in disorder, and the unlikely choice in material makes the piece all the more attractive.  It is extremely unique.  [ Read More ]