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Stripe Tease chair is designed by Giulio Iaccheti that was presented at the Salone Del Mobile in Milan. It’s a very comfy sitting with an ottoman for your legs. They are made of stripes of leather and cotton and a steel frame. You’ll like complementary colors. Such a chair will give you relaxation and calmness.  [ Read More ]


Inspired by the shape of the bottles sunk in the sand, this modern seat has a very uncommon and yet familiar design. The concept was brought into the attention by the Japanese company “zero first design” and hopefully it will become a success. Made of teakwood, this chair, if it can be called like that,  [ Read More ]


Australian designer Justin Lamont has sent us images of his Full Moon and Hybrid chairs. The thing that has always driven me as a designer, is feeling pissed off by the shitty stuff around me and wanting to make it better. The designer has got the idea to bring the uniqueness of the design after  [ Read More ]


The One for Two chairs, designed by the Italian company Tonon, has a different look, compared to the usual ones. It has just one leg, which is positioned in an irregular manner. It’s a very gracious look that really makes this chair stand out.It has a steel base and arare shape that allows it to  [ Read More ]


The garden, the courtyard, the terrace are open air spaces which need to be decorated so that they can offer you comforting moments and create a lovely décor. Here it is an idea from Zaha Hadid Architects. It created Kloris, a stunning outdoor seating which is a useful item and a beautiful decorative element. Kloris  [ Read More ]


This comfortable piece of furniture is a contemporary approach to the traditional design for the armchair. It is a nice balance between the standard structure and the modern look. The Cube chair, as the designer Svilen Gamalov calls it, has a very illustrious look. The fine curves and the sophisticated and chic combination of colors  [ Read More ]


Ancient Greeks used to travel by sea in big boats which were called barca. They were made of wood with the help of different materials and had a characteristically form. Designer Jacob Joergensen produced BARCA chair for Conde House. This is not only a piece of furniture but also an art item. The chair is  [ Read More ]


The emotional meaning of form, shape and music” is a book and a furniture collection by designer and illustrator from Stockholm, Sweden, Tomas Ekström who works under the alias Kallbrand. His examination of emotional design began with the question “How do you design happiness? With Emoticons Ekström tries to exhume and explain the “emotional valence  [ Read More ]


Nil Gulari, born in Ankara has a different image of this chair. She designed a rocking chair which is more suitable for public spaces than private spaces. It is perfect for halls, waiting rooms or cafes. ASTER-IST is a rocking chair on which six persons can sit .Its beautiful shape of a star or flower  [ Read More ]


The Wild Design is a company based in France and recently has presented a new collection of chairs design concept that is some attractive and striking and unique because it resembles a reptile. These are no cheap designs, and have a lot of potential to go into production. It is extravagance designed furniture which caters  [ Read More ]