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This is “Largo Seat” it is a marvelous creation by Svilen Gamolev. The Largo bar stool is available in different shapes and sizes. This stool is great for any bar or nightclub, and even at home with a creative edge. The form and structure of this stool are very unique, as it has a ripple-like  [ Read More ]


Here is an amazing project. Pioneer chef and restaurateur Jamie Oliver has challenged a select group of artists and designers to lend their creativity and modify Arne Jacobsen’s classic Ant chair. The one-of-a-kind designer chairs will be auctioned off to increase funds for his The Better Food Foundation which trains jobless youngsters to become expert  [ Read More ]


Here is a very fascinating “Shadow Chair design”, it is designed by DuffyLondon. A fascinating take on the Original Walnut Shadow chair, this version includes an actual shadow of a tree. The shadow of the chair lasts stretching out far past the back of the chair and grows into a tree. The tree is made  [ Read More ]


Here is the stylish “Piazza Gingham chair” from CB2. It’s a statement seat that can fit in the living room or a bold accent in the bedroom, it’s made for curling up, hanging out. Sprawls super low, super deep on turning solid maple feet left incomplete in their natural state. It’s an amazing furniture piece.  [ Read More ]


An amazing tech-friendly lounge chair developed by architecture students at MIT, lead by professor Sheila Kennedy, the chair is called  “SOFT Rocker”. It is a lounge chair where one can rest, while recharging the batteries of different devices. The system that makes this possible uses the human power of balance to create an interactive 1.5  [ Read More ]


Here is the “Mr. Impossible Chair” designed by Kartell. It has a very unique and beautiful design. This chair can be used both at home and at your office. The chair is made of plastic. This chair is bicolor because it is made of two distinct parts: the part that makes that seating and back  [ Read More ]


Here is a contemporary “flair chair” by Netherlands company Montis. The Scene XXL chair is a bold designed by Gijs Papavoine boasting a high back and sides, which are slightly flared like a collar, adding delicate softness to the finished product. The stylish chair is available in vibrant colors. This compact but tall piece is  [ Read More ]


These cute and colorful chairs are designed by Keith Haring. The chair is funny and bring a happy and cozy atmosphere to your kid’s room. The chairs can also be used like hangers when you`re too tired to put your clothes in that wardrobe. These chairs are very useful. The dimensions are: 28.3 inches x  [ Read More ]


Here is an outdoor stool called “Tweet”, it was created to free the soul of a bird. It is a very comfortable stool. Tweet comes from the sound of a bird, has the form of a chair like a bird cage with the material of a welded metal. There is a hole in a bird  [ Read More ]


The Studio Lawrence played with angles, colors and seating position and they came up with a non traditional seating. The part sofa, part separate chairs together creates new potentials and great perceptions of the whole family and friends to interact and explore together. The standard seat is 50 cm wide and is available with a  [ Read More ]