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The “Boom Boom Chairs”, it is a project by designer Christine Delvecchio. Inspired by the beautiful craftsmanship and lavish fabrics of fine upholsterers from Spain, Italy and even Dubai then sprinkled with the unique and unusual inspirations of South Beach Miami. These chairs are all recycled and redecorated chairs from the USA and Europe, circa  [ Read More ]


Here is an unusual chair called the “Pipe Chair”. The chair was inspired by a pipe. This innovative chair was designed by Russian industrial designer Yaroslav Rassadin. It is a part of Yaroslav’s series of furniture called “Stream”, the Pipe Chair has a form that emulates the classic form of a pipe. It’s covered with  [ Read More ]


It is a multi-functional seating arrangement that looks a lot like a tortilla. It is called ‘Blandito’. This amazing huge cushion is totally comfortable. The Blandito is able to shape and imitate to fit your needs. You can laying down with a partner, snuggle up close to someone or hold a child in your lap.  [ Read More ]


Here is a chair that is also a bookshelf. It is called “Heavy Rabbit”. It is manufactured from welded modules of steel rods that form symmetrical geometric shapes, impressively bent by hand. Eighteen of such components is fused together to give the Heavy Rabbit a depth of 25 centimeters and to offer satisfactory storage space  [ Read More ]


Here are the unique stools from Minki Kim. A stool held together with just three ropes and a dowel beneath to adjust the tension.  Minki’s “Rope Stool” was modelled on the Jang-ku (below), a traditional Korean instrument whose parts is also held together with rope. These stools will look good in any space. Check them  [ Read More ]


Innovative chair designed by Flavio Scalzo. A small chair, inside a big chair, inside a bigger chair, inside a very big chair and so on. It’s fascinating and features fine mechanics. The black chair acts as a protective shell for the white one. It is a very nice design which involves functionality as well. The  [ Read More ]


Here is a very unique collection called “One by One”. It is a series of chairs and stools designed by Alejandro Cerón. The designer thoughts are that mass production cannot give you the same results that humans can through craft because of the human experiences that we bring to the design. At first look they  [ Read More ]


Here is the innovative chair that combines Scandinavian design, functionality, creativity and high quality. The contemporary lounge chair is called RIO. It is designed by Flemming Busk and Stephan B. Hertzog. The curves of the chair make it look so invitingly comfortable. It is available in 2 colors: lime and blue starting with September 2012  [ Read More ]


Here is a very cool stool called “Howard Stool”. It was designed by Ryan Anderson from RAD Furniture. This amazing stool is perfect for all weather and is stackable. It is made out of welded steel with a powder-coat finish. The stool available in 3 heights and different colors. Check out this amazing outdoor stool.  [ Read More ]


Here is the modern chair called “AERO chair”. Its simple interlocking technique makes for a useful and downright gorgeous design that’s sure to withstand time. The design that contains only 2 pieces, can be assembled simply by sliding the back/front-leg component into the slit of the seat/back-leg piece. The chair has a unique support system,  [ Read More ]