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This is the amazing recycled furniture pieces.  The designer recycled the skateboard into a unique, high quality furniture and other cool products. It is designed by PODLASKIDESIGNS. The designer inspired by skateboarding and they are engineered based upon how skateboards break during use. The designer’s recycling program collects broken boards from independent skate shops and  [ Read More ]


This is the “Kube”, it is a lovely, contemporary garden armchair. It was created by Emmanuelle Legavre in Ego Paris in 2012. It is an outdoor armchair. The chair is beautiful and very comfortable. The frame is simple and has 2 rectangular panels on the sides with stunning floral motifs carved on their surface The  [ Read More ]


Here is a mixture between a hammock a chaise-longue and an armchair, it is the “La Seora hammock”. The chair is made from high quality Birch marine plywood and assembled with stainless steel fixings. It is a very comfortable chair. It includes armrests, which open when needed and the lower footrest can be adjusted according  [ Read More ]


A colorful chair for kids, it is “The Hut Hut Rocking Chair” which is created by Kalon Studios. It is a playful and contemporary reinterpretation of the rocking horse. A low rocking system offers a fun and safe way for babies and children to play and learn balance. These rocking chairs are perfect for a  [ Read More ]


Here is the beautiful and colorful furniture piece. The beautiful chair is called “Bau Chair”, it is created by Seletti. This amazing chair is a must have design, it will make your space look more beautiful. The fascinating table is designed in teamwork with Gianni Rossi. The chair design is stylish and fun. It is  [ Read More ]


Here are the versatile furniture pieces of the Woodmoss Collection . Guillaume Delvigne has created a set of pieces with one that has a single flat surface and the other that has a split one. Both pieces serve effectively as side tables and foot rests or ottomans but the latter of the two is particularly  [ Read More ]


The Coat armchair and the Bask basket, these 2 products are created by Sebastian Herkner for the brand Moroso. The Bask basket, can double up as a small side table if you turn it upside-down, this amazing basket is designed to complement the armchair and it can be used as both indoor or outdoor. The  [ Read More ]


This couch is very comfortable, it is designed by Denis Guidone. The color scheme of the couch is beautiful. The combination of Yellow and black is very nice. Its wooden frame\bench on which cushions lay is also made of a natural material- wood. Around 4-5 people can easily fit in on this couch. It is  [ Read More ]


Here is a very cute chair called “The Rabbit Chair”. It is designed by Seungji Mun. This unusual chair is furry, adorable and perfect for any girly girl or animal-loving individual. The chair is made from sponge to make the furniture comfy, and the iron rods are molded to resemble rabbit ears. The idea behind  [ Read More ]


The colorful and comfortable ‘WING Armchair’ is designed by Redo Design Studio. It has bright bold colors in a plush, flower-like design. The chair has a very attractive design. It would look quite out of place in an Edwardian-themed room, for instance. Although if one goes to the effort of planning out their house wisely,  [ Read More ]