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Here is a unique and attractive furniture piece with two iconic “bunny ears”. It is more of a stool than a chair. SANAA’s one-off was soon picked up by Maruni Wood Industry, a Japanese manufacturer of wooden furniture. Last year the company even produced a limited run of Mini and Minimini sizes, with seat widths  [ Read More ]


Here is the innovative furniture designed by Florian Schmid. The German designer Florian Schmid makes benches and armchairs of fabric permeated with concrete, the material is called concrete canvas. The concrete canvas is cut and stitched and left on the wood stand to dry. The material is water-, fire- and chemicals- resilient. Its  pieces are  [ Read More ]


This is the contemporary stools created  by Coordination Berlin. It’s the “Thread Family series of stools”. These stools feature a seat and thread connected by a wedge-joint in a cross shape that can be observed from above. The seat and the thread are carved out of American walnut, it creates a unique, bold artistic contrast  [ Read More ]


This is the amazing “Whale Chair”. The wonderful piece of furniture pays tribute to the world’s largest animal, the Blue Whale, which also occurs to be a symbol of peace between the Animal Kingdom and human beings. The Whale Chair has an enormous size and dimension. It is designed to be a center of attraction.  [ Read More ]


Here is an elegant chair designed by Room Service. This chair is called the “Pisa Fiberglass Chair”. The chair is made of fiberglass. It is strong, cool and contemporary object that can be used in the home. It looks like a bit of a combination between a chair and an armchair, but the most defining  [ Read More ]


Here is a very unique chair “The Reverb Wire Chair” from Marzorati Ronchetti, a wireframe version of Brodie Neill’s chair which is inspired by the sound. The chair was created by Marzorati Ronchetti in a limited edition of 20 pieces for the Patrick Brillet Gallery. It is created in the method of a symmetrical vortex,  [ Read More ]

Amazing Transparent Chairs

June - 13 - 2012
Posted by cherryl

Here are the amazing transparent chairs called the “Chost Chair”. The Ghost Chair is created by French product designer, Philippe Starck. It is a very fascinating furniture piece. The Ghost chair can be used as both indoor or outdoor. Reinventing the classic Louis XV armchair for Kartell, the interesting Louis Ghost Armchair is a postmodern  [ Read More ]


Cool and colorful stools called “the Dandelion Stool”. These stools are very comfortable. The beautiful stools can be used for both indoor and outdoor. It has different colors like red, blue, yellow, green, white, and black. These can be cleaned easily because  its mushroom bud has removable covers. It has very comfortable and relaxed seating.  [ Read More ]


This Beautiful chair is designed by French designer Patrick Norguet. The chair is called the “Kobi chair”. It was presented at this year Salone de Mobile. This beautiful armchair was created for the Italian furniture manufacturer alias. The legs of Kobi Chair are made from smooth stove-enameled aluminum. The seat of the chair is created  [ Read More ]


These fun and functional stools are called “Warrior Stool”. It is created  by Thinking Ergonomix. The stool is Lightweight and long-lasting. These colorful stools can be placed anywhere in your home, it can be placed in a kid’s room or even group around a coffee table. The stool has many different colors including lime, tangerine,  [ Read More ]