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The fireplace is a beautiful décor element in any home. Originally, it was a piece used to heat up the room but lately it has become a very appreciated décor piece. It maintained its original function but it also gained more versatility as more designs and types were created. The hanging fireplace is one of  [ Read More ]

Amazing Fireplaces Architectural Metaphors

December - 27 - 2012
Posted by cherryl

Fireplace were first invented to serve up as a means of warm up a space. They were first used as actual heating instruments and their great advantage was that they had a double meaning also serving as beautiful architectural ornaments. But with time fireplaces lots their originally function and became more and more appreciated for  [ Read More ]


Fireplaces are always beautiful, regardless of the style or design chosen. Most often they are found in living rooms or family rooms where everyone can enjoy them and where they add a plus of style to the décor. But fireplaces can also be found in bedrooms where they add warmth to the room and make  [ Read More ]


As soon as the weather starts to become cold and less friendly we find refuge in our homes. They’re our sanctuaries and we try to make them as cozy, warm and inviting as possible. For some regions, a home doesn’t feel complete without a fireplace. It’s the element that brings everything together and that is  [ Read More ]

Gorgeous Corner Fireplaces

November - 21 - 2012
Posted by cherryl

Over the years, fireplaces have lost their initial use. Originally they were used to warm up a room. Nowadays this is a secondary effect of using a fireplace. The main reason why fireplaces have remained very popular is their ability to create cozy, warm and inviting atmospheres. In a way, they still warm up the  [ Read More ]

Modern Fireplaces

October - 23 - 2012
Posted by cherryl

Everyone loves fireplaces. They’re a great element in any home. When you’re looking to buy a house or apartment, one that has a fireplace usually has a great advantage even though others might present advantages of their own. There’s something wonderful, almost magical about fireplaces. When you sit in front of a fireplace, in a  [ Read More ]


Flying Cavalries is a company set up in London, UK, in 2009. It is situated in the heart of the manufacturing- and interior-design zone. The company consists of a devoted pair of designers, one of whom is a totally skilled architect, and the other one is a totally skilled product designer. Both have a name  [ Read More ]


Safretti has contracted various top designers to build up the assortment with new product lines. The designers are Jan des Bouvrie, Frans Schrofer, Henk Heres and Roderick Vos. The Safretti “Double Vision” eco-friendly fireplace with LCD TV brings you the best of both worlds. These ethanol fireplaces designed by Jan Des Bouvrie are a great  [ Read More ]


Finished by Heat & Glo, this stylish fireplace will warm up your home during the winter season. Inspired by the setting sun, this futuristic fireplace is dubbed the Solaris.  This fireplace has an interesting design concept and luxury. This beautiful fireplace features modern direct-vent gas fireplace, allowing a unique and eye-catching glow of levitating flames.  [ Read More ]

Charming Fireplace by Ilkka Suppanen

October - 8 - 2010
Posted by cherryl

Studio Suppanen is a design studio working in graphics, three-dimensional design and architecture based in Helsinki. Their flexible approach and broad skill base means we can work across different media and on different scales, from graphics to product design and furniture, from interiors to architecture.Fireplace combines fire-resistant glass and metal to provide a modern take  [ Read More ]