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Producks Design Studio together with Mika Barr, the creatives behind Ori, came up with this wonderful décor idea, that embellishes almost any type of space, creating a pleasant and delightful atmosphere. Ori stands for “folding” in Japanese and “light” in Hebrew. The whole idea of this lamp is that it can be folded and you  [ Read More ]

Amazing Lampshade Design Ideas

January - 22 - 2013
Posted by jennie

Robert D (Gourdsslight) sent us photos of his beautiful Handmade Gourd Lamps, which feature perforations on the surface for original lighting effects.  According to the designer, the lampshades are made of gourd- amazing exotic fruit native in Africa, and at a very early date spread throughout the world by human migrations. The design of every  [ Read More ]


Choosing lights for outdoors isn’t so simple – you need to take into consideration many things like the style and colors of patio and garden, the drain and many other points. The design of the outdoor lamps is right the thing at which Foscarini is good. Gregg is an ellipse-shaped, unusual and reminding of stones.  [ Read More ]

Tour Eiffel Lamp and Taj Mahal Table

December - 10 - 2012
Posted by karen

We are inquiring about your reactions to these two unusual designs. The Tour Eiffel Lamp and Taj Mahal Table were envisioned by Studio Job and fall into the group of “you either love it or hate it”-designs. bare on dezeen, the projects are daring and attention-grabbing. The Taj Mahal table is an upside down story  [ Read More ]

Amazing Lamp in Bedrooms

December - 6 - 2012
Posted by cherryl

Bedrooms are probably one of the most personal rooms in a house, probably because they are the only rooms that actually “belong” to the inhabitants. “That’s Joe’s room, this is my room, and downstairs is Jane’s room.” We would expect upon entering each room, to find evidences of Joe, myself, and Jane, respectively, in those  [ Read More ]

Amazing Manhattan Loft Style Chalet

October - 23 - 2012
Posted by cherryl

Heinz Julen, one of Switzerland’s most appreciated architects and the mastermind behind this luxury chalet, located in the small village  of Zermatt, a picturesque ski resort and the architect’s hometown. The chalet has been his former private house, which served as an extravagant destination for parties and gatherings. The 300 square metres Manhattan-style loft is  [ Read More ]


Usually office lamps are more cool and more useful. But when compare them to our home lamps, we realize they are rather dull. Apparently somebody decided to do something about it and designed this Modern and Colorful Piani Desk Lamp. You can use it both as an office and also as a home desk lamp.  [ Read More ]

Colorful Furoshiki Table Lamp

September - 11 - 2012
Posted by jennie

The fascinating colorful lamps are inspired by furoshiki, its the Japanese art of cloth folding, this amazing lamp is created and self-edited by Entreautre opts for minimalism. Only 2 pieces make up the structure: a lime tree base and a smartly folded and shaped polypropylene sheet, revealing an eye-catching graphic set once the lamp is  [ Read More ]


This is a modern and stylish lamp, designed by Andreu Carulla. These lamps are called “Bonsai lamps”. These lamps are made of cut down trees with a diameter less than 30 mm which is usually used as fire logs. Each lamp is created from a different kind of wood and it has a smooth lamp  [ Read More ]

Beautiful Ampel Pendants

August - 30 - 2012
Posted by cherryl

These are beautiful ‘Ampel Pendants’. These lamps will give a very contemporary look to your space. These lamps will look perfect in any room. The lights explore the relationship between natural wood and industrial aluminum. The lamps work in clusters or on their own, and would look great in a contemporary kitchen setting. These amazing  [ Read More ]