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Here are stunning lamps created by Kristine Five Melvær. These are table lamps. The designer said “Like big drops, the shades may be associated with buds, fruits or water, while the seams in the construction are reminiscent of fibers.” “The steel structures of the lamps have different heights, which contribute to the association of organic  [ Read More ]


This is the beautiful “Light Shower Chandelier” it includes tiny LED lights. Dripping from the ceiling with a beautiful glow. These are simply a creative arrangement of lights. These will look in your living space. The Light Shower Chandelier is designed  by Bruce Munro, the designer is known for his large-scale light fixings such as  [ Read More ]

Interesting Pooping Dog Lamps

August - 25 - 2012
Posted by jennie

These are the “Pooping Dog Lamps” from UK artist Whatshisname. It’s a very amazing creation. There are two dogs, a big black dog and the a smaller one. These lamps will look great in your living room. By stepping on a dog poop you will turn on and off the light. The both lamps were  [ Read More ]


The beautiful  “Acorn Rope Light” are designed by Vasiliy Butenko.  It is a very innovative ceiling lamp. Gathered at a set of three, it is created by the traditional weaving techniques. Instead, it follows a simpler creation in which the rope used for the light shade is just wrapped around the shape of a bottle  [ Read More ]


Here is an innovative lamp design. This stylish lamp is called “Paraboloid Lamp”. It will give a very contemporary look to your space. It’s perfect for those people who like unique lamp designs. The lamp has a very attractive shape. It has a hyperbolic geometric surface which  you maybe saw in your algebra classes. It  [ Read More ]


Here are the elegant lights called “Lustre Pendants” designed by Tom Dixon. The designer is introducing a collection of dazzling stoneware pendant lights at next month’s London Design Festival. The lights are completely stunning and are glazed with a mixture of minerals that react unpredictably when fired so every single piece is just a little  [ Read More ]

Stylish Bell Lamp by Baxter

August - 17 - 2012
Posted by jennie

The flashy and stylish “Bell lamp” designed by Baxter. It will look great on a dining table or hovering overhead in the living space. This suspension lamp has just the right amount of sparkle to dress up any room, boasting a broad, shallow shade made of attached bells that each reflect the light and sparkle  [ Read More ]

Beautiful Colored Lamps

August - 16 - 2012
Posted by karen

Here are very cute lamps these lamps will perfectly fit in your home and they will put a smile on your face every time you see them. These lamps can also be used in kids room. It will look beautiful in any space. And the best part is you can choose either to hang them  [ Read More ]


Unique floor lamp “Octopussy” designed by Moscow Vladimir Tomilov. These lamps are functional with elegant bubble, which has colored lens and shutter for the bulb. This lamp has 3 support legs, as well as “foot-tentacles” that define the dynamics and at the ends have additional led-lights. Check out this unusual and funny lamp. Hope you  [ Read More ]

Contemporary Lamp – Lampe H

August - 14 - 2012
Posted by jennie

Here is a contemporary lamp called “Lampe H”. It is a contemporary lighting solution that is inspired by the old fashioned lanterns from years ago. This amazing creation is pretty similar to a kerosene lantern, the user turns a simple knob to activate on/off functionality. Another great feature of this contemporary design is that you  [ Read More ]