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Ultra Modern Lamp by Bec Brittain

May - 16 - 2012
Posted by karen

Ultramodern lamp, nowadays innovative furniture is very in. This innovative lamp is created by  American designer Bec Brittain. It has thin Led tubes with a very unique shape.  You can even change the shape of the lamp according to your space by configuring modular hardware. This lamp can be used for both indoor and outdoor,  [ Read More ]


The stunning lights with the bird theme. These beautiful lights are shaped like a bird lights. Its bird shape is the part of the avian themed collection. These lights are called “Marina’s Bird.” These are designed by Belarus design studio Fajno. These lights are made of wood and glass. The collection includes of a few  [ Read More ]


These beautiful lightings are the inspirational design of Tom Dixon these copper and stainless steel pendant shade is called “etching”. It is very beautiful and suitable for the modern home. Metal, giving them a rich industrial feel and its geometric shapes are very fascinating and modern. It’s inspired by the pure mathematical logic, Etch is  [ Read More ]


These colorful attractive lights are designed by QisDesign. It is an amusing modern lighting design.  The design of these lights is inspired by weaves of the flamenco skirt. These beautiful lights are available in three bright colors: green, pink and orange. QisDesign revealed the series of colorful lights called “Flamenca.” It will make your home  [ Read More ]


Zensa became particularly famous with its stunning lamp collection and gained the attention of designers and stylists worldwide. This Egyptian inspired lamp collection by Zenza is slightly magical. The over-size pendants with their intricate pricked designs create amazing illusions and shadows in their surroundings when lit. Every Zenza lamp is hand made using traditional artisan  [ Read More ]

Stunning LED Lamp by IKEA

April - 5 - 2012
Posted by karen

IKEA has just revealed its newest collection of designs, and one of the sparkling is Ehlen Johansson‘s gorgeous SOLKULLEN LED pendant lamp. Ehlén Johansson is a Swedish industrial designer that has also and mostly been designing furniture, lighting and interior design. She has been working with Ikea of Sweden during a lot of years, and  [ Read More ]

Contemporary LED Floor Lamp by LumineXence

August - 17 - 2011
Posted by cherryl

Octopus lamp is a modern LED floor lamp introduced by LumineXence in limited edition. It is a very cool and ultra modern product. These lamps are cheerful and creative at the same time. The lamp’s plan was inspired by the submarine behaviors of the incredible octopus, the way it extends out its tentacles and come  [ Read More ]

Standing Floor Lamps by Lucente

August - 15 - 2011
Posted by jennie

Here we are going to show you some interesting lamps designed by Lucente this year.  These fine standing floor lamps are admirable and is designed for indoors and outdoors use. With rotational molding technology, these UP floor lamps are made totally of polyethylene and available in white or ivory. These lamps can be dressed in  [ Read More ]

Coral Reef Light by Japanese Design Studio

August - 5 - 2011
Posted by cherryl

This glossy “Coral Reef Light” is designed by Japanese design studio QisDesign in association with Taiwan’s national museum of marine biology and aquarium. There are two forms of these LED lamps with a nature inspired from: silver-colored table lamp and metal floor lamp. This flooring lamp features three petals, each one separately stimulated by revolving,  [ Read More ]


The Green Lantern by Nudelab is a creation which is multi purposeful and elegant at once, it would attract much concentration and awfully admired. This horn-shaped LED lamp can make any space seem alive and you can also utilize it as a flower pot. This pot can be used for beautiful flowers and you can  [ Read More ]