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This is the “Kube”, it is a lovely, contemporary garden armchair. It was created by Emmanuelle Legavre in Ego Paris in 2012. It is an outdoor armchair. The chair is beautiful and very comfortable. The frame is simple and has 2 rectangular panels on the sides with stunning floral motifs carved on their surface The  [ Read More ]


Here is a beautiful outdoor furniture collection. This is absolutely one of the beautiful collections of outdoor furniture that we have ever seen. It is the “Pure Collection”. PURE uses teak, solid, Corian® and aluminum to create an open and attractive furniture that is available for single seating and a complete lounge area. With a  [ Read More ]


These beautiful hanging chairs are created by Concept Suspendu. To decorate your garden in a unique style, these hanging chairs can make your garden an exclusive space. Each chair is made from wood sourced in France and these chairs are limited piece. These chairs can turn your garden into a magical forest, it’s a stunning  [ Read More ]


Di Marzio Design has created “Missix.” It is a small armchair which has a quite simple and modern design. It is made of rotational molded polyethylene. Its name “Missix” is inspired from its unusual heavy-rounded shape which is “number six shape”. This little chair looks solid and monumental together, but its minimal nature is shown  [ Read More ]


It is a good time to think about garden furniture, as the summer season is here now, so we can enjoy  this special atmosphere with these stylish hanging chairs. Each chair is handmade, a unique, safe and sound furniture. They can hold up at least 220 pounds,and it  weighs 15 pounds. The stylish basalt fiber  [ Read More ]


A very cute outdoor furniture for kids which is named as “play-zee-bo”. A very unique name, it is an outdoor playground and a gazebo for kids. It has a waterproof roof that is made of polyester, the roof prevents fire too. “Play-zee-BO” can be left outside during the whole summer season because it is made  [ Read More ]


This beautiful garden bench is called simply “A”. That’s because of its shape: a copy of the first letter of the alphabet. The “A” bench was designed by Pieter Jamart. It has a very modest design. It’s a polyurethane bench designed for outdoor use. The bench was made for Sixinch and there are also other  [ Read More ]


Just as with indoor decorating, outdoor design takes careful planning and sufficiency of thought. In order to create the calm patio or garden space you wish, you must also carefully arrange each element. Mainly among your patio space elements is your furniture. It is important for your patio furniture to not only be attractive, but  [ Read More ]


This Knotted Hanging Chair Melati is from Anthropologie. It’s totally delightful in form, you can choose the neutral motif for a soothing look or from the tangerine or blue options for a more lively approach. Whether hanging from a beam on your porch or from a tree in your garden, this chair promises hours of  [ Read More ]


Yael Mer and Shay Alkalay designed a collection of furniture collected out of joining iconic urban benches into a checked surface.  Colorful benches are inspired from the joy their brightness brings us. This specific project that caught your attention from the fascinating photo is a collection of benches captured under the name ‘Plaid Bench” Collection.  [ Read More ]