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To decorate your garden with Celato’s Radici, which is an artistic garden furniture set, designed to be infested by climbing plants, by De Castelli is best idea. Filled by vines and plants or not, the garden furniture is quite inventive and contains many items like a gazebo, table, chairs, bench, barstool, candle holder and coffee  [ Read More ]


For your summer garden, Plust, a Euro 3 Plast brand, has introduced some incredible pieces to their Gumball modern garden furniture collection. The Gumball garden collection is comprise of table/container, arm chair, sofa and sun lounger all daring soft contented curves so you could enjoy spending your outdoor time in total ease and new style.  [ Read More ]


Here is a Blu Dot Dwell Lounge Chair which is the perfect companion for enjoying the summer sun and shows that outdoor furniture doesn’t essential have to be tedious or conventionally styled. Available on Design Public for $799.00, the lounger has been planned by noted designer Ralph Rapson and is the perfect net of form  [ Read More ]


The Siesta Bench by Emanuele Magini in the pictures below will absolutely not be the initial thing that comes to mind when thinking about such a seating solution. Instead of a standard bench, that would usually offer sufficient room for more than one person but here we have an exclusive design that change the actual  [ Read More ]


A peaceful afternoon can turn into more comfortable with this gorgeous olive, green furniture for outdoors. Your terrace or your yard will get more freshness, warm and color with this type of furniture. The olive, green shades and the cane material are a fine combination which determined the appearance of a beautiful set of furniture,  [ Read More ]


Motivated by the fragile inner works of plant life, this stunning patio furniture by Corradi embraces nature, right down to the detail. A romantic and elegant set, Foglia (Italian, for “leaf”) captures Mother Nature’s best in its sofa, chair and table designs made of teak, aluminum, steel and natural textiles. The stylized, perforated frames allow  [ Read More ]


Everybody knows that most of Karim Rashid’s ideas become popular. This famous designer always manages to find out the most simple and genial solution. Now he has created this rotational-molded chair for Italian furniture brand B-Line. Called Woopy, the resonating plastic chair is molded in one piece, and can be used indoors and outdoors. Asupplementary  [ Read More ]


Steven Ma is a designer who possibly had all these ideas in mind and designed an “ec-O” street bench. It has the shape of a ring, with aninnovative design and made of a recycled material, bio- aluminum. The street will look full of color, light and with an elegant design if it gets such lovely  [ Read More ]


The garden, the courtyard, the terrace are open air spaces which need to be decorated so that they can offer you comforting moments and create a lovely décor. Here it is an idea from Zaha Hadid Architects. It created Kloris, a stunning outdoor seating which is a useful item and a beautiful decorative element. Kloris  [ Read More ]


Random8 chair is shaped like a wonderful cut diamond. It’s transparent so the light passes it through. Because of dichroic treatment of the Plexiglas, the chair literally creates its own lighting effects. It shines in every color of the rainbow and changes its colors depending on the ambient light and on the inspecting angle. Because  [ Read More ]