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Everyone agree that spend a time outside in the nature will bring peaceable mind and a relaxing day. Nature is always a nice and relaxing environment where you can enjoy almost any activity if you the weather offer you the chance to do it. Outdoor scenery will always be a perfect place for a working  [ Read More ]


If you have a lovely garden, you can buy this superb LED bank to lighten everything at night. It will light not as bright as the sun but will give your garden mysterious look. If you don’t have a garden you needn’t worry because this bank can adjust to any surroundings. You can put it  [ Read More ]


Dubbed TriWing, these artistic chairs has three sides and they can be transformed into chair and a low chair. The smoothness given by these modern artistic chairs are almost near to minimalist approach. The curves on the chairs are very much sculptural. For some it’s more like sculptural piece. It’s an artistic chair, but to  [ Read More ]


Introducing John Kelly’s Rho Series, a collection of contemporary furnishing that is a perfect high-tech solution for any outdoor space. Rho also translates as creative female power; and means fruitfulness, vegetative growth, adaptability and fluidity. The Rho Series consists of lounge chair, dining arm chair, round/square table and chaise lounge included with tray table. All  [ Read More ]


DEDON has designed a completely unconventional collection of furniture that has its origins in the harmony of forms: the DEDON Signature Collection, YIN YANG. The idea came to designer Nicolas Thomkins on the Island of Cebu’s beach of Olango. He sketched out the first draft of the design in the sand with a stick: a  [ Read More ]


FABRIZIO BATONI graduated in architecture from the University of Florence, and after gaining practical experience in the world of industrial design and architecture, collaborating with leading architects, design firms and companies, founded in 1997 in Colle di Val d’Elsa, Studio Batoni by developing design projects and collaborating with various companies. The Spring furniture collection by  [ Read More ]


DEDON Fiber is blessed with an exceptional range of properties. Weatherproof, durable, environmentally friendly, inviting to behold and to touch and supple enough to be woven into the artful patterns of the world’s most skilled weavers, it has opened new realms of possibility for outdoor furniture. NESTREST transforms your typical garden sofa into a small  [ Read More ]


Summer Cloud is a stunning outdoor chaise lounge by Dedon. Put this chaise lounge on your outdoor space and you will get amazing and comfortable lounge. This elegant lounge is a combination of lounge sofa and an original fabric roof on round base. The roof has the shape of a big leaf and looks very creative  [ Read More ]


Eckersley Garden Architecture offers their clients a revitalized approach to creating a landscape. Merging experience and creativity, their passion is crafting a unique garden that invites you to enjoy your outdoor space. Eckersley Garden Architecture is an Australian owned company specializing in garden design. The design of outdoor furniture has evolved in the last few  [ Read More ]


Christian Piccolo for Italian company Cuproom created a chaise lounge that does numerous tasks other than what’s its regular job.  Louisa, it’s a metal chair with a magazine stand and the footstool which the user has the free choice to use as a pouf. The chaise lounge comes with internal light in different colors: white,  [ Read More ]