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This is a cool gamer coffee table. The table features Pac-Man, bolting through a maze in chase of red-colored dots while the three ghosts scramble after him. The table is made of wood, nicely painted in green and red along with the colors of the different characters. The Pac-Man table is striking enough to be  [ Read More ]


This is the “Alcove Chair”. It’s a modern piece of furniture and it was designed by Mike Haley. The chair has a geometrical shape. This design was chosen not only because of its artistic details. The most interesting thing about this chair is that it offers the user visual and acoustical privacy, which is not  [ Read More ]

Stylish Aerial Table by SHIN AZUMI

September - 4 - 2012
Posted by cherryl

Here is a very stylish table from modus furniture. It is a beautiful a series of occasional tables with a simple yet complex sculptural beauty.  The table structure contains four identical legs that slot together to create the four legged base. The contemporary table is called “Aerial Table”. The off centered positioning creates a sculptural  [ Read More ]


Here are contemporary chairs called “Chair & Chair” created by Tatiana Bortkevica. It looks like a 3D version of the classic ampersand symbol. It is very comfortable. Decided, if the symbol was re-formed faithfully, the Chair & Chair could have been used as a supported leaning post that would have been more healthy than sitting  [ Read More ]


This is the Ballerina Table. It is a very modern piece of furniture that would merge perfectly within a hallway, hotel entrance or any other space. The outstanding feature with this piece is its mild appearance combined with the glossy texture, which will add sparkle and sophistication to any room. This cool table is made  [ Read More ]

Unusual Furniture for Car Lovers

September - 3 - 2012
Posted by karen

These are very creative and luxurious pieces of furniture. The whole purpose of these objects is to approach to the term “interior” in a very unusual way. These pieces are perfect for the car collectors. These are made from old or contemporary car parts and of course using materials like essences of tropical trees, gold,  [ Read More ]


The Italian designer Marica Vizzuso has designed B-OK, it is a contemporary bookshelf. It has a great space-saving substitute which takes the shape of a huge tower but which can convert it into a room divider by unfolding itself. B-OK offers you the opportunity to save space as it can hold your books and also  [ Read More ]


Here is a modern and stylish table called The “Tripod”. This Innovative table is designed by England based designers Noon Studio. It is very unique and can be disassembled and reassembled easily; breaking down into four flat-packed pieces. The table is made from ceramic and CNC’d birch or oak plywood. And one of the legs  [ Read More ]

Beautiful Ampel Pendants

August - 30 - 2012
Posted by cherryl

These are beautiful ‘Ampel Pendants’. These lamps will give a very contemporary look to your space. These lamps will look perfect in any room. The lights explore the relationship between natural wood and industrial aluminum. The lamps work in clusters or on their own, and would look great in a contemporary kitchen setting. These amazing  [ Read More ]

Stylish Furniture by Flohr Design

August - 30 - 2012
Posted by cherryl

Here is the stylish furniture created by Flohr Design. This furniture has been created by using a unique Eco friendly material. It all started when Christian Reder planted some Sakhalin knotweed in his yard. The stuff grows like weeds, with tall shoots with juicy leaves. In order to keep it from soon taking over the  [ Read More ]