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New London-based project brand Made in Ratio will soon offerings its first collection of equipment and lighting that was stimulated by the ideas of drive and modularity. The collection will consist of four ranges: lighting, seating, tables and storage. The Cowrie Rocker and Cowrie Chair, which are in this collection, take their shape from a  [ Read More ]


Wintertime has left but comfortable and contemporary equipment is continuously to the point. That’s why this Biknit chaise salon by Patricia Urquiola for Moroso is a countless impression. These seats are completed from a tough, thermo-stabilized ash timber that stand up to the harsh outdoor elements but they will make you think of a chunky  [ Read More ]

Gorgeous Luxury Leather Sofas

February - 5 - 2013
Posted by karen

While decorating your home , you are observing the many aspects of each element.That is the case with making the decision to buy a sofa, you want that sofa to be comfortable, with high quality but most of all to look sophisticated and modern.Sofas are meant to be  one of the essentials in your home  [ Read More ]

Elegant Eye-Cathing Sofas

November - 16 - 2012
Posted by karen

The sofa, armchairs and ottoman all feature a voluminous seat cushion and backrest covered by a slim, padded frame. This ensures their firm and unique shape. Besides the side arms, the designs come with a special storage space for books, tablets or remote controls. The modern collection was first presented at the Milan Furniture Fair  [ Read More ]

Extremely Elegant Sofa Design

November - 15 - 2012
Posted by jennie

With so many original sofa designs these days, we feel affection to see projects that stand out. Anthropologie envisioned a modern sofa which occupies a special place among the contemporary upholstered furniture out there. Featuring digitally manipulated photos of faraway places on a neutral background, this couch is the kind of piece you imagine building  [ Read More ]


We’ve all been there, haven’t we? At our grandmother’s house, watching black-and-white movies on her floral couch? I have…except she called it a “davenport,” which I never knew what that word actually meant until I was in my 20s and decided to look it up, once and for all. For as much as I loved  [ Read More ]

Comfortable and Stylish Togo Sofas

November - 6 - 2012
Posted by karen

In the case of living rooms, media rooms, family rooms or in the case of any other type of room for that matter, the interior design and décor need to be more than just beautiful. It’s important for a room to feel, first of all, comfortable. So when you find a piece of furniture that  [ Read More ]


The living room is a social space where family members and guests gather to spend time together. As a result, the living room’s interior design should facilitate communication and interaction. To ensure that happens, the furniture needs to be very well chosen. An L-shaped leather sofa would be a wonderful addition to the room. Its  [ Read More ]

Modern Sofa with Dog House

October - 22 - 2012
Posted by karen

Spotted on, the Dog House Sofa, designed by the Korean Seungii Mun is a fantastic piece of furnishing, ideal for you and your pet. All you have to do is relax and enjoy a tidy home, without worrying that your dog will turn the house upside down. Enhancing the connection between the man and his best small  [ Read More ]


An explode of colour here or there by no means hurt a thing, but a big pop of color can change a room. Get original with your decorating and go for something big and bold. When it’s time for a furniture face lift or an empty space deserves something different, try adding a colorful piece  [ Read More ]