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The Platner chair is one of those pieces of furnishings that relax self-governing of the idea of time. It has an ageless intend. The Platner compilation was calculated in 1962 by burrow Platner who determined to twist his notice to strengthen wire furniture. The armchair is a mainly gorgeous piece that has a contemporary appear  [ Read More ]


It’s a beautiful and colorful settee, it’s a beautiful piece of furniture that would best complement the living room and other spaces. It was created by Massoud Furniture. It is called the “Jara settee”. It has a fascinating design with simple lines. It’s a handcrafted piece. It’s created with beautiful patchwork prints. Settee is very  [ Read More ]

Elegant Haiku Sofa By GamFratesi

August - 27 - 2012
Posted by cherryl

Here is an elegant sofa design. This sofa is created by GamFratesi for Fredericia Furniture to be a physical representation of a haiku. The exterior of the sofa is compact and rigid, but the interior is nestled within an intimate enclosing shape. The fabric of the sofa contains delicate contrasts to mirror this effect, and  [ Read More ]


Here is a colorful and very stylish sofa design. This beautiful sofa is called “Aura”. The sofa makes its own space around you. It is a cozy and comfortable 2-seater sofa, and the slight separation it gives you would have a perfectly relaxing effect. The sofa can also make a great room divider, it includes  [ Read More ]

Playful Sofa by Seungji Munhas

August - 21 - 2012
Posted by jennie

Here is a pet couch by a Korean designer Seungji Munhas. The sofa is bordered by a tunnel with gaps that will keep your cat entertained. Your cat will have a place where she can play or hide from you when she does something bad. The sofa will look perfect in your living room. It  [ Read More ]


The Studio Lawrence played with angles, colors and seating position and they came up with a non traditional seating. The part sofa, part separate chairs together creates new potentials and great perceptions of the whole family and friends to interact and explore together. The standard seat is 50 cm wide and is available with a  [ Read More ]

Unique Limitless Spider Sofas

August - 7 - 2012
Posted by cherryl

Here is a unique piece of furniture, it is called the “Limitless Spider Sofas”. It is nearly impossible to design an armchair that is comfortable for everyone who sits in it, yet the softness and the capacity for this lounger to contort enables a range of different sitters to cozy up. Its 2 adjustable legs  [ Read More ]


An innovative furniture piece created by Tamas Bozsik. It is a cross between a sofa and a chair, this functional piece of furniture lets you lie down with total comfort to read, work or just relax. The hybrid sofa  was the designers final project at the MOME University of Art & Design. It almost looks  [ Read More ]


This couch is very comfortable, it is designed by Denis Guidone. The color scheme of the couch is beautiful. The combination of Yellow and black is very nice. Its wooden frame\bench on which cushions lay is also made of a natural material- wood. Around 4-5 people can easily fit in on this couch. It is  [ Read More ]

Sofa With a Unique and Flexible Design

June - 29 - 2012
Posted by jennie

The sofa has a clever and modular design. It is called The “Slot Sofa”. The sofa has a unique and flexible design that allows it to blend a sofa, a coffee table and an ottoman, all in the same structure. It’s not a typical modular unit that is usually just an extendable sofa that also  [ Read More ]