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FAVN Sofa by Jaime Hayon

May - 23 - 2011
Posted by jennie

Danish furniture brand Republic of Fritz Hansen released an outstanding sofa designed by Spanish artist Jaime Hayon. Presenting a stylish and elegant shape, the sofa named FAVN (Danish for “Embrace”) is invented to have a shell like exterior with a nice and comfortable seat that cuddles whoever sits on it and offers an unequalled seating  [ Read More ]


The Dunder contemporary sofa by Bla Station is a cool new couch that is fresh and comfy. A strapping steel inner frame is topped with rich polyurethane shaping and down filling, and comes upholstered in stuff or leather in the lively colors of the season. They also add matching pillows for added more comfort. Whether  [ Read More ]

Convertible Sosia Sofa by Campeggi

April - 26 - 2011
Posted by jennie

This modern, comfy and adaptable sofa by Italian furniture company Campeggi is the ideal seat if you can’t make up your mind. The Sosia sofa, a free shape able, adjustable piece by Milan-based designer Emanuele Magini, allows you to arrange its two seats and flexible fabric wave, to contain a variety of different seating needs  [ Read More ]

Multipurpose Sofa for Dynamic Lifestyle

April - 15 - 2011
Posted by cherryl

One of the latest works of French designer Matali Crasset is this modern sofa for Italian furniture company, Campeggi. The sofa is perfect for those who have a dynamic lifestyle because it serves numerous purposes at once without occupying a lot of space. There aren’t any futuristic mechanisms in it but thanks to seven sections  [ Read More ]


Inspired by the shape of the bottles sunk in the sand, this modern seat has a very uncommon and yet familiar design. The concept was brought into the attention by the Japanese company “zero first design” and hopefully it will become a success. Made of teakwood, this chair, if it can be called like that,  [ Read More ]

Comfortable Bed by Alexander Seifried

March - 21 - 2011
Posted by karen

This bed is marvelous because you can use it as a sofa in the living room on a regular basis, but when you have a guest who needs to sleep over you simply turn it into a double bed. As you can see in the photo, it’s very easy because the “sofa” is actually made  [ Read More ]


The emotional meaning of form, shape and music” is a book and a furniture collection by designer and illustrator from Stockholm, Sweden, Tomas Ekström who works under the alias Kallbrand. His examination of emotional design began with the question “How do you design happiness? With Emoticons Ekström tries to exhume and explain the “emotional valence  [ Read More ]

Beautiful Sofa with a Wave of spring

March - 17 - 2011
Posted by jennie

Spring, flower, love! Nature is in bloom, birds are singing, the sun is shining brightly, people are waking up after winter. Spring is the most romantic time of the year; it’s the time of affection. That’s why the company from Italy called Altamoda presented the sofa Bigbaboll at the display Salone Del Mobile 2011. The  [ Read More ]


It’s one of the most warm and comfortable chairs in the world! Rocking Chair Lucky by Kati Meyer-Brühl contains many styles, colors and designs. You can influence back and forward chatting with your friends and relax. Its flexible design will match any contemporary interior; it would look great in a living room, playroom, students flat  [ Read More ]

Unusual Pillow Sofa

February - 22 - 2011
Posted by cherryl

Perhaps the comfort is not the key word in this case but if you think of it as a pretty part then you will notice one more quality which it can have. It looks like a giant, unusual flower. It will grow to be one of the striking points of your space and maybe your  [ Read More ]