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It’s “Arts and Crafts” with style! Known for its fine-furniture feel and modern eye for design, Italian group Desart offers artistic seating design that you’ll adore. The Mon Amour seats pick up comes in Mountain, Pop as well as Charme sample with two- as well as the three-seated as well as the side inventory or  [ Read More ]

Cool Sofa that Wears Jeans

February - 11 - 2011
Posted by jennie

Before, the denim material was very popular in a club business because it creates a casual and comfy atmosphere. Now, you can also enjoy the same in your very own home. The fabric is really comfortable, and you can snuggle any time of the day or night. The jeans are forever. They will be forever  [ Read More ]


On the side of the company, the designer helps to create or upgrade its image, to enable it to more quickly integrate a highly competitive market by creating innovative products, different products with economies of scale (to minimize costs production while obtaining better profitability). On the consumer side, it responds to their requests or even  [ Read More ]


One of the six chairs shown at the Mindcraft 10 exhibition this year, Paper Chair by Mathias Bengtsson is the result of a process that is both handmade and digital. Thousands of sheets of paper are layered to create a sculpture that has no frame, joints or screws. Nowadays the natural environment becomes more and  [ Read More ]


DEDON has designed a completely unconventional collection of furniture that has its origins in the harmony of forms: the DEDON Signature Collection, YIN YANG. The idea came to designer Nicolas Thomkins on the Island of Cebu’s beach of Olango. He sketched out the first draft of the design in the sand with a stick: a  [ Read More ]

Classic Sofa by Tappezzeria Rocchetti

January - 21 - 2011
Posted by karen

The craft made upholstery “Rocchetti” can show off more than sixty years of great passion in textiles manufacturing. His craftsman like tradition begins thanks to Oberdan Rocchetti and his son, Rodolfo, has taken it till nowadays. The typical craftsman’s workshop, though preserving the manual labor of its master upholsters, evolved to adapt itself to the  [ Read More ]


PS30 Puzzle Sofa from Designskin is a couch of children with a unique design that can be turned into a mattress. With this unique sofa, the children can enjoy a variety of puzzles with it and develop their imitativeness and perception of space by using it. PS30 Puzzle Sofa consists of an outer square frame  [ Read More ]


Red is color that symbolize modern looks, and it%27s going properly with another color-bold or palette. It constantly seems excellent in the event you paired it with white, grey even black. In the market, obtainable broad of collection sofa contain modular or sectional design. One of them definitely will fit to you. Red couch or  [ Read More ]

Contemporary Suita Sofa from Vitra

December - 20 - 2010
Posted by cherryl

Vitra is a furniture company dedicated to developing healthy, intelligent, inspiring and durable solutions for the office, the home and for public spaces. Vitra’s products and concepts are developed in Switzerland by applying a diligent design process that brings together the company’s engineering excellence with the creative genius of leading international designers. It is our  [ Read More ]

Modern Bend Sofa by B&B

November - 23 - 2010
Posted by cherryl

Patricia Urquiola has designed the Bend Sofa for the Italian manufacturer B&B Italia. Patricia Urquiola has designed a surprising series of seats that transforms the tradition concept of the sofa. She has entitled the product Bend Sofa due to its curvaceous albeit monolithic form. It gives the appearance of being manually molded from a supple  [ Read More ]