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Brigada Studio from Croatia shaped a fashionable, unique and contented in expending coffee table. Its colorful and rare design gives much space for storage journals and books, and there’s a space for putting your cup of tea or coffee. The lower shelf is for heavy big tomes, while the niches are for magazines and newspapers.  [ Read More ]


Nowadays all is receiving lesser, keener and more supple, and the same propensity is in project. The Alpha Desking Program is a likeness of minimization in the world of furniture, and, to be exact, minimization of desks. Drive and change of carriage during the day are very significant for health and well-being, and so Feiz  [ Read More ]


Valentine’s Day is a very particular event when we all consider that love keeps us all jointly and makes our lives more gorgeous. It’s the day when we celebrate love and, even though each person has a different idea about how this day should be, there is one thing that never gets old: a romantic  [ Read More ]

Amazing Rising Table Interior

February - 4 - 2013
Posted by jennie

By completely renegading the idea of conformity, designer Robert van Embricqs created an elegant table, that breaks the pattern of flat table tops on four legs. The result is a surprising mixture of fluid design that “blends the multifaceted tabletop with the latticework of wooden beams that function as the center of the construct. From  [ Read More ]

Versatile Fold Down Small Tables

January - 16 - 2013
Posted by karen

As we’ve mentioned on numerous occasions, space is a problem in most homes. It’s why we have to find solutions that can help us include all the furniture pieces that we need in our home without making it feel cluttered and cramped. As we’ve shown you already, fold-down beds are a great way of saving  [ Read More ]

Gorgeous Roots Table

November - 30 - 2012
Posted by jennie

We received photos and information about Roots Table, an original design envisioned by Ekta Shah. We asked her for a subjective description of the project, and here is what she replied: “My inspiration is in the natural forms and processes in the world around us. The roots of a tree anchor it to the ground  [ Read More ]


Leaving aside the fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, having a good, dynamic start can dictate how your entire day will be like. So don’t ignore the importance of a pleasant breakfast table and a pleasant atmosphere that can inspire you to have a great day. Breakfast nooks are very  [ Read More ]

Gorgeous Ottomans as Coffee Tables

October - 19 - 2012
Posted by cherryl

Ottomans, occasionally also known as footstools or pouffes are most often used in living rooms. However, they can also be included in spaces such as the gaming room, the bedroom, the family room or the guest room. They have a very interesting design. Some ottomans are hollow on the inside and this allows them to  [ Read More ]


MACMAMAU is an Italian product which designs furnishing fundamentals of high quality in small precious series. We recently received a press release from the studio introducing us with their newest creations, described by the developers as “authentic products characterized by a strong tie with traditional cabinetmaking and by constructive methods inspired from the the world  [ Read More ]

The Elegant Voltaire Desks

October - 15 - 2012
Posted by karen

Whenever you find something that doesn’t obey the rules and doesn’t follow the trends like everything else, it feels almost as if you have found a treasure. So when we found this wonderful desk we felt like we’ve made a unique discovery. The desk is indeed very original and beautiful.Stylish and elegant, the Voltaire writing  [ Read More ]