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The fun and excitement produced by the Swing Table would counteract the enjoyment of the meal. Everyone would be so fixated on the swinging seat that they may even forget to eat the food in front of them. It is designed by Duffy London; Swing Table brings an artistic element to the monotony ritual of  [ Read More ]


Bally’s interest in the metal arts began at age 13 through a class where he made brass knuckles and throwing stars. His interest continued to grow as he experienced the industry through more classes and meeting local artists. Boris Bally is a well-known American artist; he has designed this amazing innovative furniture. Chairs and tables  [ Read More ]


This wooden table is created with four rotating drawers that are supported by two cylinders; each of these cylinders being also the axis of rotation for each of the drawers.This stylish table is designed for the living room.What an innovative idea a coffee table with rotating drawers.You can use these stylish drawers for storing magazines,  [ Read More ]

Contemporary table by Hoon Roh

August - 11 - 2010
Posted by cherryl

Hoon Roh has designed a very beautiful and contemporary table which is available in different colors (Black, Ivory, Dark Blue, Dark Red, etc) with either satin or high gloss finish. This table has a very unique design; you can use it for multi purposes like coffee table by putting a glass on the top of  [ Read More ]


When a guest enters into your house, the first thing he looked around is dining table or coffee table. Yoann Henry has designed such beautiful and contemporary coffee tables for those people who love to give an ideal touch to their living space or an outdoor area because it gives an impression of other things  [ Read More ]

Special Space Saving Tables by Bonaldo

July - 18 - 2010
Posted by jennie

Bonaldo has introduced a set of three different height tables that adjust one into other and Gino Carollo has designed it for best space saving solution for them. These tables are made of metal painted with different colors. You can also use it as one table with quite a few surface and on other hand  [ Read More ]


Modenese Gastone is an Italian company, which has introduced luxury dining room furniture and presented a beautiful and classic furniture style which is covered with stylish fabrics and the shape of tables are oval and rectangular with beautiful chairs. The interior of the dining room is based on fabulous black furniture with silver finish, which  [ Read More ]