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Stylish Laptop Table

August - 14 - 2012
Posted by jennie

This is the “Gallo table”. It is a versatile and stylish piece of furniture. It is created to be used mainly as a laptop table. The table has a very simple design. The Gallo table is made from solid walnut or maple wood. It has a smooth wooden frame with an irregular shape. The table  [ Read More ]


This is the “Narcisso Coffee Table”. Eliel Cabrera created this stylish furnishing with beautiful bent plywood, cut into the shape of a square and slanting at the corners with vivid creases. An identical component is placed against it and lightly meets the other with their slanted edges touching. A vivid high-gloss finish coats the underside  [ Read More ]


The Knelt Desk is designed by the Ubiquity Design Studio. The seat inspires a straight pose that puts less pressure on your back, reduces muscle and joint fatigue, and avoids creating that tale-tale hunch of when one has been sitting too long in front of a laptop, book or desk. The Ubiquity Design Studio was  [ Read More ]


Contemporary tables by KDOMAZIDLIBYDLI. It is inspired by Prague spring leaves. Tables are called “LEAF low tables”. The BIG LEAF table has a pedestal in the shape of a block that creates storage space, two drawers or folding doors, or combination of a drawer/folding door. Top pedestal surface is a place for storing magazines, a  [ Read More ]

Stylish Table by Jake Phipps

August - 4 - 2012
Posted by cherryl

Contemporary and unusual table by Jake Phipps. A faceted table that takes inspiration from the natural qualities of amethyst geodes. The table is called “Stellar Console”.  The large extensive surfaces of the console are in strark contrast to the raging seam of 900 separately sized and angled mirror sections running through it. The change in  [ Read More ]


This is an elegant desk designed by Piergil Fourquie, it is called “Big Boss Desk”. The desk is a masterpiece. The lacquered metal skirt gives the desk volume and contrasts with the light oak suspended top. The inside of the desk is made from topstitched leather, which enhances the piece. The desk is designed to  [ Read More ]

Amazing Reading Table

July - 30 - 2012
Posted by cherryl

This is the “Reading Table”. By merging a side table and a magazine rack, these clever tables resolve space issues simply. The central part of the table is large enough to fit coffee, books, magazines, or whatever else living requires. The wraparound area, apart from storage, can also be used as an impromptu bookmark. This  [ Read More ]


It is the “Hook Side Table” designed by Eric Degenhardt. The table is a small circular surface with 3 legs that can fold up and smartly stowed. This attractive piece of furniture may devote most of its time hung up on the wall, only be brought down to furnish the patio or introduced to the  [ Read More ]

Amazing Cargo Coffee Table

July - 28 - 2012
Posted by jennie

This is the “Cargo Coffee Table”, it is capable of adjusting to fit many different rooms and a variety of requirements in flexible areas of the home. It is designed by Frederic Saulou. The designers object is a long aluminum box, powder-coated in simple white and missing some sections of its six faces. The four-sided  [ Read More ]


Here is the contemporary table. The beautiful table is called “Around” . This amazing table collection is created by Denmark-based designer Thomas Bentzen. It is designed for MUUTO, these beautiful tables are inspired by 50′s and 60′s Scandinavian design. The collection is available in ash, oak, black, gray, red, and yellow. Have a look at  [ Read More ]