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Contemporary series of coffee table named as “FK04 CALVERT”. These stylish coffee tables are designed  by Ferdinand Kramer. Ferdinand Kramer is a skillful architect. The table is available in a range of many different colors, or only in oak or walnut finish.The coffee table has endured so many years because it is easily invertible and  [ Read More ]


An amazing Multi-functional furniture piece, it’s a lamp, a table, a vase, an iPhone charger, a single drawer all in one furniture piece. It is called “Level Table”. This amazing creation is by JohanLindstén. The height of the table. This is a cool, almost everyone needs a piece of irreplaceable. It is available in different  [ Read More ]


A very creative coffee table, it is designed by Swedish design student Jessica Arosenius. The coffee table is called “Block.210 coffee table.” Jessica Arosenius displayed her Block.210 coffee table in the recent Milan Design Week. The name of the table “210” is given because of the “210” wooden blocks which makes up the table’s top.  [ Read More ]

Unique Lounge Table by Anna Neklesa

May - 8 - 2012
Posted by jennie

Here is a very artistic furniture piece. This creative lounge table, it is called “Giselle.” This amazing furniture piece is the project of designer Anna Neklesa. The elegant round table is made ​​of steel and powder coated aluminum. Its leg oak imitates legs of a ballerina dancing at runtime. It’s a very versatile furniture piece.  [ Read More ]


An Alternative to a simple table design these animal coffee and dining tables are perfect, designed by Mark Stoddart. The transparent glass table is pierced through the body of an animal, made ​​it look like “beasts” arising out of the water. There are different versions, like the hippopotamus, “The Lad” Coffee Table, Hippo Mother and  [ Read More ]

Beautiful Bell-Shaped Tables

April - 17 - 2012
Posted by jennie

A beautiful Bell-table style of handmade glass by Classicon with a light transparent material for the foundation and a solid, opaque material overhead. Design by Sebastian executioner, the base of the bell-shaped table is  hand-blown, with a wooden tool. This means that no one is exactly the same – the “incomplete”, the only difference is  [ Read More ]


The useful and transformable furniture is very popular now. Many of us live in apartments where there is not sufficient space in the room for each piece of furniture. Gro Furniture’s Bam B crib is so smart – except for the conversion to standard crib, it then converts it into a game table or desk  [ Read More ]


This beautiful small side table is made of black frosty acrylic. A pattern of chevrons is etched on the top and sides of the table, and small shapes are also laser cut. A chevron is an inverted V-shaped pattern, occurs in early art including designs on pottery and rock carvings. The project plays with the  [ Read More ]

The Flab Table by Kenyon Yeh

October - 8 - 2011
Posted by karen

This charming black and yellow table named Flab Table is created by London-based designer Kenyon Yeh. It is inspired by the classic table leg shape, outcome of Flab brings freshness and excitement looks. It is fixed by steel part to form up the table. The purpose of this type of a design of the table  [ Read More ]


This coffee table is attractive and is made of natural supplies but it seems like a plastic table. This minimalist but incredible coffee table is called Scandi Table by Zbigniew Strzebonski. In fact, it’s a combination of wood, ash and veneer. The plan is modest, vibrant and bright; the central aspect is the balanced form  [ Read More ]