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We endure expressive you how to form feminine cores in your house, and now it’s time for the shrine of any girl – for a walk-in closet! There’s a sufficiently of ways to beautify it but if you really like female traces – have a look at these instances: a white closet is a cool  [ Read More ]


We’ve previously told you of particular walk-in lofts but they are typically for girls – shoes tables and purse stowage thoughts. Now it’s time to talk about a macho dressing room which would be as fashionable as all the other rooms in a bachelor’s house. Like simplicity? Make glass doors for your closet, add a  [ Read More ]


Some of your clothes you want to get, others to hide. Some break anywhere they for months, others are in continuous use. This cupboard by Veronika Gombert is precisely what you need to show some bits and hide some others. It allows you to constantly change it according to your needs: there are various possibilities  [ Read More ]


Wood painter Ramon Gibbs communal two of his extraordinary equipment projects with us. The two projects below rank high in originality, as well as in practicability. Elegant Possession is a delicately sculpted cabinet built of maple and accented with walnut. The design topographies five normal drawers (plus a secret one) resting on six small but  [ Read More ]


Several vision residence should have a walk-in closet, that’s for sure! Make your dressing fashionable and enjoyable choosing your favorite style: classical, glamour or minimalist. Add much light and mirrors to see yourself from all the sides, put a colorful pouf that would make an accent. Modern or minimalist style is cool for a double  [ Read More ]


In my opinion, closet organization isn’t the most glamorous topic but what’s the point of a room that looks great, but doesn’t work well? The parents who put these rooms together not only have design chops, but they’ve put the time and effort into creating organized, functional closets for their children too. Here are twenty  [ Read More ]


There are lots of different features that can usually be seen in a walk-in closet. All these features have been designed to make storage easier and to also help you better organize all your clothes and accessories. Of course, they all differ according to each person’s needs and preferences. Everyone has accessories that they would  [ Read More ]


If there is anything some women want more than clothes and shoes, it is plenty of space for storing these precious items. We ran across this very well organized walk-in-closet designed by Hosun Ching and are certain most of you ladies out there will enjoy it. This pretty and very practical furniture piece discovered on  [ Read More ]


Occasionally still a large house can turn out to lack the storage space you need. As a result, you find yourself in the circumstances when the cabinets and closets are full and you still need more storage space. But instead of adding more healthy pieces of furnishings, you can come up with some more space-saving  [ Read More ]


With Manhattan closets it’s always easier to keep your clothes in order because it helps you to place all of them in one place like walk in wardrobes. If you are living in the US, this will definitely be an ordinary thing for you. But, if you live in the UK, you may get it  [ Read More ]