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M.&Mme is a unique furniture collection designed by artist Valentin Loellmann. Here is the concept behind his creations: The pieces that the designer makes have always developed from a curiosity; inquisitiveness towards materials, their travels and the stories they tell. With this project, he tried to use the stories of the materials in order to  [ Read More ]


A lot of children discover their artistic side when they are around 2 or 3 years old, and as they do that they start writing all over the house. The walls are distorted. And this “hobby” never really goes away. Avoid all this with this multipurpose cabinet created by Peter Jakubik. It’s great for the  [ Read More ]


Creating a collection of colorful and lively cabinets was not tough for the bright minds at A2 Designers. The Swedish designers titled the collection Collect 2011. Produced in Småland, Sweden, the cabinets are made from wood and MDF, painted in lovely and fun colors: white, blue, yellow and pink. A pattern embellishes each door and  [ Read More ]


Poki is an attractive design by Holm Giessler & Jennifer Heimann which reinvents the whole idea of a drawer. The invention is composed of two parts: the upper drawer, a part which is common for all same designs and an uncommon addition consisting of a colorful textile container. It was inspired by Old Danish sewing  [ Read More ]


Neo Baroque Furniture for the bathroom. The surprising mix between classic and contemporary captures enduringly popular details of design and brings them totally up to date. Straightforward geometrical shapes make up the bathroom cabinets in black, white, iris and pink lacquered finishes, as well as polished rosewood. In contrast to their solid contemporary forms, the  [ Read More ]


Everyone needs wardrobe and storage system. The first collection comes from Gautier. Entitled the Stuart, this wardrobe is made of particle board panels with white, walnut or wenge finished on the outside and fabric design on the inside. The doors can be ordered in wood or ground glass. Featuring anodized aluminum handles and anti-dust brushes,  [ Read More ]


Here are 10 cool storage cabinets and wardrobes for kid’s room. Every kid’s room should have enough storage for all kid’s stuffs, the common storage furniture pieces are wardrobes, shelving systems and other cabinets. All kid’s cloth, toys, books and other things could need a lot of space so; you will need some cabinets and wardrobes  [ Read More ]


If you don’t have enough space for your large storage, then this cabinet is specially designed for you.Now you can easily store as many things as you want to.This cool product will make any room look trendier and fascinating.The cabinet is in different cool colors so you can easily find the best that suits your  [ Read More ]


There are huge benefits for the lucky ones having the space for a walk in closet in their homes. These closet design models is just perfect because of being less congested and having lots of space. So your wardrobe and personal items are easily accessible. JDesign Group has designed such wonderful closets,so that everything can  [ Read More ]


Pianca is an Italian Company which always has presented some beautiful furniture. Here in Nice Decors we have posted standard wall storage system consisted of white boxes and beautifully decorated TV cabinets and especially two stylish wardrobes. These two wardrobes would just look awesome with this wall system and are named as Tratto and the  [ Read More ]