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Floating sink cabinets are wonderful for all types of bathrooms. In a small bathroom they manage to maintain an airy look by allowing the space underneath the cabinet to remain unoccupied. In a larger bathroom they enhance the spaciousness of the décor and make it seem less cluttered. Floating sink cabinets usually have modern designs.This  [ Read More ]


Lately, the bathroom and bathroom all in one mix has started to become more and more popular. However, it remains a risky trend as you can either love it or hate it. Some people prefer these two areas to remain separate while others enjoy new designs and unique ideas. We are always supporting inventive designs  [ Read More ]

Stylish Shower Curtains

November - 5 - 2012
Posted by jennie

I am constantly amazed at the aesthetics of some bathrooms, powder rooms, washrooms, whatever you choose to call them. It’s fantastic that a room whose purpose is typically so pragmatic and functional can be made into a relaxing retreat, of sorts. Recently, I’ve stumbled across some bathrooms that have something in common: super stylish shower  [ Read More ]

Glamorous and Luxurious Bathrooms

October - 31 - 2012
Posted by cherryl

Bathrooms, even though they’re one of the most important rooms in any house or apartment, don’t usually get the attention they deserve. They’re intimate spaces where one can be alone and a space that often feels like sanctuary, like a safe space. So dare to spoil yourself by having a sumptuous bathroom where you can  [ Read More ]

Stylish Bathroom Interior

October - 29 - 2012
Posted by jennie

If there is one place to use patterns in the house, it’s definitely the bathroom. Bright bold designs or even small, delicate patterns can freshen up and liven a smaller space. Bathrooms are fun to experiment with too since they aren’t the “face” of the house, you can be super playful in your decorating. Take  [ Read More ]


Like mirrors, mirrored walls have the ability of making a room seem bigger. They almost double the space by replicating what’s already existent. Mirrored walls add depth to a room and, even though it’s just a mirage, it can really help in the case of small spaces. Bides that, there are also other advantages they  [ Read More ]


From time to time we appear reversed at drawing thoughts and can’t assist but speculate, “What were their opinion?. Obtain for illustration the massively trendy crimson surface bathroom beginning the 1950’s. Whether you feel affection for it or detest it, you have to conjecture, “Why Crimson?” Does it characterize postwar liveliness, women’s position living being  [ Read More ]


Here is a contemporary outdoor and indoor shower. It is called “Loop Shower” from Diego Granese of Granese Architecture and Design Studio. The shower has a beautiful hollow spherical design featuring six horizontal streams and an overhead rain shower ensure a lush showering experience. It is an Italian product comes with a fascinating lighting system.  [ Read More ]


An elegant new collection by TOTO. The collection includes a bathtub, a shower cabin, sinks and toilet.  The collection is simple and stylish. It has elegant pieces of lavish materials. The LED lights and the latest equipments like water-saving or massage will create the relaxation in your lavish bathroom in the greatest way. It’s available  [ Read More ]


Modern Inipi B Sauna designed by Duravit. It is super compact and perfect for a regular sized bathroom, because you can place it in the regular sized bathroom easily. The sauna needs quite a lot of space, but the sauna designed by Duravit’s teamwork with design studio EOOS can easily fit a contemporary sauna into  [ Read More ]