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Bedroom Styles and Patterns

November - 3 - 2012
Posted by cherryl

Even though it’s true that the bedroom should be as simple as possible in order to feel airy, calm and relaxing, it also feels cold and empty without a hint of color and texture. It’s why accent walls are an especially beautiful feature in the bedroom. They represent a way of introducing color and pattern  [ Read More ]

Incredible Bedroom Interior

November - 2 - 2012
Posted by karen

Decorated a bedroom and proclaimed it as the greatest thing since the space hopper only to be completely bored of it and demand a change within months. What can one day seem new and exciting can feel dull and uninspired the next. How can you keep the space feeling fresh and different? Instead of shelling  [ Read More ]

Beautiful Bedroom Design

October - 31 - 2012
Posted by cherryl

Having a bedroom that has a circle or terrace is a wonderful privilege. Being able to wake up in the morning, open the doors and take in all that fresh air is bliss. It’s also a great advantage to be able to have this extension of the room where you can relax, admire the views,  [ Read More ]

Beautiful Bedroom Decore

October - 30 - 2012
Posted by karen

A while ago we presented you a large selection of DIY headboards (check out “34 DIY headboard ideas”). It included lots of designs and ideas. Among those there were some very beautiful and interesting wooden headboards and they looked especially appealing. So, starting from there, we decided to now focus solely on wooden headboards and  [ Read More ]


In case you are planning to leave for Thailand, you’d better check this exclusive five-star boutique hotel, located on the East Coast of Phuket. Ocean’s 11, like the movie, is a gorgeous villa, ideal for your holiday. With an impeccable service presentation and with suites that offer breathtaking views upon the Andaman Sea and the  [ Read More ]


Occasionally still a large house can turn out to lack the storage space you need. As a result, you find yourself in the circumstances when the cabinets and closets are full and you still need more storage space. But instead of adding more healthy pieces of furnishings, you can come up with some more space-saving  [ Read More ]


The double bed is the most imperative constituent in several bedrooms. It gives the opportunity its given name and it’s also the portion that takes the the majority room. But in view of the fact that in attendance are various types and designs, choosing the correct single for your residence can be hard. Of path,  [ Read More ]


Here is the IKEA’s catalogue. Although we want to show you some room design inspirations from it separately. Here are some amazing bedroom design ideas 2013. The collection features as old as new products, so you possibly could find some great ideas, how to upgrade your existing bedroom. Have a look at the amazing IKEA’s  [ Read More ]


The boy’s room commonly features tones of blue. This blue color is usually related with the boys while pink is for girls. Here are the cool ideas for the boy’s room.  You can include blue color in the curtains, the bedding, the rug or some of the decorations. You can also choose a theme for  [ Read More ]

Elegant Pink Bedroom

June - 23 - 2012
Posted by karen

This is Piper’s bedroom. The lovely pink bedroom features a pastel color, very soft and delicate. The eclectic mix of elegances makes this bedroom very stylish. It includes both furniture pieces contemporary and vintage. The vintage pieces have a more classy look while the modern ones are simple and keep the whole mix in perfect  [ Read More ]