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Are you looking for some ideas which will give an exclusive and adventurous look to your girl’s room? Apart from your analysis, here are some lovable and vastly well-designed girls room ideas that will definitely captivate your sight. it is even best to design teenage girls room too so put down all other children’s room  [ Read More ]


It sure aids to have a mother stylish and you won’t trust your eyes when you clap them on baby Uma’s nursery. You know, all I might do was wheeze and shout when I saw these photos. Excitingly white, light and cheerful the nursery has just the right elements of neutrality with stunning pops of  [ Read More ]


Kids affection diverse top-secret rooms. Recall your babyhood? Didn’t you hide below the table covered with somewhat? And maybe you built a construction of spaces and a extensive? In such a secret place your child feels safe. He or she can play or relax there, read books or be hidden from parents’ control. If you  [ Read More ]


It’s a unusual room or a play space in kid’s bedroom, it should be sensibly prepared, innocent and comfortable. This sequence of rooms has one determination: to help you with the Sisyphean task of possession kids’ rooms fresh and neat. Each has a lot of stuff, but also sufficiently of storage and lots of elegance.  [ Read More ]


At era of six months a baby commonly is in a crib or in the mother’s arms. And having a carpet in the baby room isn’t as important. But time will pass so quickly and you won’t notice how your baby starts crawling and making the first steps. So the perfect idea for the nursery  [ Read More ]


Without what is it unfeasible to visualize a little princess’ bedroom? Definitely – without an elastic and relaxed bed with a baldaquin, an openworked bedspread and beautiful cushions. No folding sofas, sliding armchairs and built-in furniture! No princess would like such kid’s furniture. Even if a girl’s room isn’t big enough, and the bed occupies  [ Read More ]


This girl’s bedroom attracted my attention when I saw it for the first time. Its design differs from other girls’ bedrooms. I was surprized by bedroom furniture which was used here, because it looks tiny and makes the room very cute and gentle.  Everything has  its own history and significance in the bedroom. For example,  [ Read More ]


Birds are aflutter in this calm and welcoming grey nursery created by photographer mum Shannon for her son Eli. Although she describes the walls’ color as grey, you see that on many photos below it looks like blue. And this is what I like about it: depending on the shade of grey you can get  [ Read More ]


Valentine’s Day for kids is an interesting and exciting holiday. And they look forward to it. The first thing that you can suggest to do to your children is to decorate the kid’s room to feel better an atmosphere of this day, the more the kids would like to do it. On Valentine’s Day kids  [ Read More ]


Have you ever seen a more cheerful kids’ room? This is a real toys’ kingdom! The room design is rather simple, with rustic furniture of natural wood – it not only looks cool but also very eco-friendly, and that’s important for kids. I should mention the amazing wall décor – on one wall there’s a  [ Read More ]