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Twins or brothers or sisters of similar age in general usually share the same bedroom. It’s a simple way of saving space by basically squeezing two or three rooms into one and it’s also a way of allowing your children to interact and to spend more time together. However, at the same time, it’s not  [ Read More ]


We were just sent photos and information about a multicolored bedroom design, which we would love to share further. According to the designers at Neopolis, this children’s bedroom was implemented for a young family and their small daughter (three years old). Here is more from the press release we received: “There is just one kid  [ Read More ]


Decorating a nursery is not all fun. It’s also hard work. It’s not easy to design a nursery that is both fun for the child and beautiful and consistent with the rest of the house. It all starts when you choose the theme for the décor. Everything else you choose after that has to go  [ Read More ]


Do you want a colorful room for your kids in a tasteful way? This is repeatedly the predicament when generate position to wait for young people, as it can be enticing to chuck on a passionate wallpaper or trash the district with a jumbo poster or to include a complete swarm of conflicting fitting piece  [ Read More ]


This is a cool gamer coffee table. The table features Pac-Man, bolting through a maze in chase of red-colored dots while the three ghosts scramble after him. The table is made of wood, nicely painted in green and red along with the colors of the different characters. The Pac-Man table is striking enough to be  [ Read More ]


These cute and colorful chairs are designed by Keith Haring. The chair is funny and bring a happy and cozy atmosphere to your kid’s room. The chairs can also be used like hangers when you`re too tired to put your clothes in that wardrobe. These chairs are very useful. The dimensions are: 28.3 inches x  [ Read More ]


This is a wonderful Play Patio Set by Step2. It contains a small table and two small chairs; it is the perfect furniture for kids. This amazing play set can be used as both indoors and outdoors. This set is very comfortable and perfectly safe for kids. Its comfortable seating and backrest follow the children’s  [ Read More ]


A colorful chair for kids, it is “The Hut Hut Rocking Chair” which is created by Kalon Studios. It is a playful and contemporary reinterpretation of the rocking horse. A low rocking system offers a fun and safe way for babies and children to play and learn balance. These rocking chairs are perfect for a  [ Read More ]


Jaekyoung Kim and Hyunjin SEO have joint traditional Korean aesthetics with the idea of physical, and emotional, protection in a furniture collection for children. The dureong-chima, a skirt used to wrap around the bellies of babies, is the motif for the Duriban table for children, its edge looks as fabric so that children’s come across  [ Read More ]


Here is the beautiful kids room décor by Land of Nod. The Land of Nod is an exciting kid-first company which basically started out in the owner’s basement. During the company’s first business years, the obsessive founders had to store their inventory throughout their private house, till they moved to a new, more professional space  [ Read More ]