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It is every mother’s wish to have the best nursery room for her baby. The kidsfactory, a Netherlands company specializes in furniture for young children’s comes with some ideas that might help you. The nursery rooms should to be cool and happy surroundings for the baby and therefore need to be arranged and ornamented carefully.  [ Read More ]


A proper bedroom should include all these elements and should be spacious and full of light. Kids should have as much as free space as possible in order to have enough space for their games. Natural light should not be forgotten because it is the healthiest source of light for their eyes. Zalf shows you  [ Read More ]


For anyone who adores classic style, these below bedrooms design are great examples to help you creating a girl’s bedroom in classic touch. Before start choosing the furniture, you will need to measure the bedroom’s size. Furniture plays important role to reflect a bedroom design and finding the right one can be a bit tricky.  [ Read More ]


When your children are big enough to express their likes and dislikes it is a lot easier to arrange their room because you know exactly what will please them. But when they are babies, really small, the parents get to decide for them. And they normally choose pink for the girls and blue for the  [ Read More ]


Decorating a bedroom can give you many ideas to decorate the bedrooms are modern and fun teen girls. All equipment and modern designed living room filled with stylish, elegant and contemporary. This room is designed using the latest collections from manufactures Dielle called X-Cab, This room can give you plenty of inspiration on how to  [ Read More ]


Decorating kid rooms is so much easier when you follow a plan. Children’s room design, modern style but most look simple and unique. Decorating a child’s room is very creative with small lap. Some ideas for designing or updating our children’s rooms. Design and how to organize the children’s room so they feel comfortable and  [ Read More ]


In our devoted search for fun decorating ideas, we ran into these fun vinyl stickers from Moscow design studio 33dodo. Fresh and amusing, the graphics are a great addition to any crib, particularly to the ones belonging to cat’s enthusiasts. We think their strongest feature is the fact that they manage to truly capture a  [ Read More ]


When the kid grows up we need to consider their opinions and styles. We could involve them to create a comfortable and suit with their age and needs. We’ve featured lots of attractive kid’s room design that can be used for teens as well. Before start picking up the furniture design or maybe arrange the  [ Read More ]


Kid’s bedrooms are one of the most regularly updated rooms in the entire house. From baby to toddler to teen, children go through a number of different fads, therefore designing a bedroom which reflects their growing personalities can be quite challenging. Here are some nice examples of modern children bedrooms designed with furniture by Italian company  [ Read More ]


Colombini, an Italian company, is best known for its range of furniture and furnishings for living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and other rooms of the house. Colombini gives you the finest range of furniture and furnishings with the finest quality. The company tries to implement practical features in all their furniture designs. In fact, Colombini’s furniture  [ Read More ]