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Oskar Firek is a Polish Architect who has designed this beautiful 3D apartment.  This loft apartment is a conceptual interior project, which he thought to create. The imagination and accuracy which he used artistically is hard to believe. He is so talented because he just gave a concept to its viewers and allowed them to  [ Read More ]


You definitely have seen different kitchen designs and you will get in love with most of them but here is one of the best kitchen designs along with dining room and named as Victorian Kitchen. It is such a beautiful kitchen and dining room of old Victorian home in Poland modified by Jessica Helgerson; she  [ Read More ]


A kitchen is frequently a very significant space to cook together with your family, to pucker to have a meal, and that’s why this home must be very cozy, fashionable and useful. This kitchen by Deulonder Arquitectura Domèstica was organized so that everything is at hand, it’s just 17 square meters. The kitchen island is  [ Read More ]


If you are a bachelor and not enthusiastic about it, we’ll display you that being a bachelor has its own advantages, it’s astonishing! We’ve already told you of some ideas to beautify a bedroom for a bachelor and a home office, and now it’s time for kitchen! Men usually aren’t loving of cookery but this  [ Read More ]


Designer Kitchen came up with a bold other for a contemporary cookery inner. According to the designer, “the brief was to project a highly useful, family friendly kitchen that would provide a dramatic first impression and become the defining feature of a new built property. This design was inspired by the clients who trusted my  [ Read More ]


Italian kitchenette corporation Valcucine Kitchens accessible a strange kitchen that contains completely everything a good chef could perhaps want in a cooking center. The Logica Kitchen System is a multi-sided system joining the sink, stove, fridge, countertop, pantry, storage, island, power outlets, equipment and many other things within steps of each other for efficiency’s sake.  [ Read More ]


The kitchen island is a must-have in greatest households. Even though existence able to join it into the décor means that you need to have a kitchen that’s large sufficient to house it without problems, this restriction doesn’t go as far as that. The great thing about kitchens islands is that they’re usually multifunctional.A kitchen  [ Read More ]


This amazing kitchen was designed by Cultivate Design. The style is eclectic – it’s modern, mid-century, traditional and rustic at the same time. Natural light wood looks fantastic in combination with dark furniture and brick red leather chairs. Wooden stools are of an interesting shape that attracts attention, and so do the pictures on the  [ Read More ]


When it comes to the storage organization on your kitchen it’s hard to make it work. When you plan kitchen layout ahead or already have a kitchen you should think through all storage features. There are so many clever organizers and ideas that even small kitchen could become effective. In this post we’ve gathered some  [ Read More ]


Because of its defining properties, stainless steel is a material very commonly found in kitchens. This alloy is resistant to corrosion and this makes it perfect for fabricating countertops and kitchen appliances. Stainless steel also comes with other great characteristics such as its durability, resistance to heat and the fact that it’s easy to clean.  [ Read More ]