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This is the modern “Cubello Kitchen” designed by Egyptian kitchen manufacturer Amr Helmy Designs. The approach of the company is to be 7 years ahead and they manage to do that. The kitchen is very well-designed and comfortable in using; the island unit offers an enough space for working. It includes an off-set counter top  [ Read More ]


This is the Z Island, an amazing piece of furniture designed by architect Zaha Hadid. This wonderful kitchen island was designed in collaboration with Ernestomeda and DuPont. The architect has designed this piece with great delicacy and he was able to do with the help of a very soft material that satisfied his creativity and  [ Read More ]


Here is the wonderful “Artica kitchen” designed by Estudiosat, this kitchen design is the answer to the challenge set by manufacturer Delta Cocinas. The challenge was to make a kitchen that stepped outside the box from the style of kitchens now available in the market. Its cabinets have origami-esque geometric folds. The cut ice-like exterior  [ Read More ]


The amazing kitchen design is created for the Brera Design District Fuorisalone 2012 at the end of April. The kitchen is created in a collaboration between two Italian brands that share a mutual respect for innovation, research, design and attention to detail, without forgetting the values of tradition and inheritance. This is a contemporary and  [ Read More ]

IKEA 2012 Kitchen Designs

July - 22 - 2011
Posted by cherryl

IKEA has introduced 2012 kitchen designs for all those who are interested in IKEA products. There is only 1 week left to launch a catalog of 2012 but we are here to show you some appealing new ideas of kitchen decoration.


Here are some best purple kitchen ideas and we have to say that the visual contact of this series of tones actually works in the contemporary kitchen! Purple exudes elegant, refined, deep infatuation, royalty and those who like purple are often individuals who are artistic and kind. Useless to say, these kitchens are absolutely oddly  [ Read More ]

Nordic Kitchen Design Idea

May - 27 - 2011
Posted by karen

These rural designs kitchen look fresh and appealing, especially when highlighted with rich cabinet space. Retro designs like mid-century Modernism are fresh and competent. Traditional and modern designs using this modular cabinetry seems everlasting. Nordic kitchen company Norema plans these kitchens with an exceptional sense of manufacturing. Therefore the cabinetry verifies helpful in opening level  [ Read More ]


Similar to a Chinese puzzle box (or in food terms: an onion), all sliding block peels back to disclose another unseen layer – some walls double as doors, and each part serves more than a single function. A single square meter is moved by the Small Kitchen, holding everything from cooking and preparation exteriors to  [ Read More ]


Merging work and play in an artful way, this smart kitchen by Elmar is enjoyable and practical. The Playground kitchen designs comprise a number of different modular machinery with abundance of storage space, which can be set to suit your space and your style. These ergonomic designs make cooking tasks a pleasure. This kitchen comes  [ Read More ]


Generally kitchen is a room where we can pass more or less time for cooking or eating. It is an essential space that every house must have it. Its importance should make us feel more of its interior design and its equipment in order to spend here more pleasing moments. It should be a smart  [ Read More ]