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Usually, kitchens are packed spaces, with many cabinets and drawers that sometimes barely had you succeeded in finding what you were looking for. Who would have thought that we will be able to find everything we want in one place? This is the Circle Kitchen, a kitchen component where you can find everything you need  [ Read More ]


Commonly, a comfortable, tiny kitchen is a great place where you can sit with your best friend and discuss all kinds of staff enjoying maybe a nice cup of coffee. It is like a warm private place where you can feel self-confident and express all your feelings. This is the concept for this round Snaidero  [ Read More ]


Do you have a small kitchen or small dining room? Or do you find it hard to find a small but wonderful table for your kitchen and dining room? You should not be worried; Space box by Calligaris is a convenient space saving wall mounted table that is very convenient in kitchens or dining rooms.  [ Read More ]


Black and white kitchens look very modern and undoubtedly they are the trendiest ones, but sometimes they are too cold and sober. If you also think so then you could add any third color which won’t spoil modern look but make the kitchen more bright and fresh. Red color could become the best solution for  [ Read More ]


It’s an all-in-one camp cooker designed for portability, storage, food prep and of course cooking. The flameless induction cook top is perfect for fire restricted camp sites and considering this is from a country recently ravaged by fire – it emphasizes safety without compromising the joy of being outdoors. The Outdoor Chef is a shortlisted  [ Read More ]


The design of this kitchen is intended to encourage a relationship between user and kitchen right down to knowing the names of the fish and having the functionality tailored to the user’s lifestyle. Having a kitchen that Interesting and perhaps the desire of each person unique. This is a kitchen design that was designed by  [ Read More ]


Poggenpohl P’7340 kitchen by Poggenpohl targeted exclusively at men. It’s design by Porsche. The aluminum kitchen can be partnered with either beautiful Driftwood or stunning Dark Oak which produces really appeals. The kitchen has really mannish and futuristic design but this year it was updated anyway. A new front has been given to this awesome  [ Read More ]

Vibrant Kitchen by Darren Morgan

January - 10 - 2011
Posted by cherryl

Kitchen for entertaining? Well you need to check this cool Dynamic Kitchen designed by Darren Morgan. In open floor plan or L floor plan, usually kitchen combined with living spaces and therefore it becomes the main center of entertaining. This kitchen is designed with that hype you’re looking for and not only that it’s also  [ Read More ]

Ultra Modern Kitchen Design by Moka

December - 20 - 2010
Posted by cherryl

Modern Kitchen Art, in the form of an acronym MOKA, in three simple words of a new brand, a new industry of modular kitchens. Modernity as an exploration of more sophisticated tastes in design and constant anticipation of technological innovation. Art as a conscious demand for a creative role in designing the kitchen cabinet. Kitchen  [ Read More ]


A red colored kitchen cabinets design ideas with contemporary and modern design. With very smooth and detail design, make this cabinets looks luxury and elegant for your kitchen. This kitchen is an italian style kitchen, which most people in the world like the style, the modern, the elegant and the luxury. Moove 01 cabinet features  [ Read More ]