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It is always said about Los Angles that it is a place of distinctions, energetic and liberal people. Belgian Designer, Maxime Jacquet has created an astonishing interior, which reflects the spirit of this city. Jacquet Loves to blend high fashion in all his work. He is the only one who can merge celebrity portraits, delicate  [ Read More ]


The award-winning boutique consultancy Suna Interior Design organization which is a London-based, anticipated a graceful house in Aura Cambridge, a group of residential spaces. This incredible house reflects the creativity of designers who fulfill the need of style and ease even in the countryside and the way they use color schemes in designing, reflects the  [ Read More ]


Mrs. Monica Bhargava is an Executive Vice President of product development of Williams-Sonoma and Pottery Barn. She creates product lines which are related to emerging and varying ways of life, she tactically mounts the level of Williams-Sonoma branded goods across all types and directing design teams. She traveled the world visiting flea Markets and factories  [ Read More ]


A living room is an significant space to relish your guests’ corporation and have a decent time but if you’ve absolute to make a womanly interior, you’ll need to add some accents and features. Pastel colors and pink are beyond competition, don’t hesitate to use them for wallpapers, curtains, furniture and accessories – these colors  [ Read More ]


Unmarried peoples, your period has originate! We’ve previously originate how to make your bedchamber, home office, living room or kitchen cool and attractive. Now let’s think of a classically male room – it’s game room! It’s a blessed place for each man where you can devote a great time with your friends playing poker, pool  [ Read More ]


Macho middles are naturally affected and sensual, that’s why even girls love them and like coming a bachelor’s departure. We’ve already found some examples of décor of masculine bedrooms, home offices and kitchens, but what about one of the main quarters in the house, important not only for relaxing but also for having guests? A  [ Read More ]


Purple is the color of good judgement. It is the color of people who seek spiritual fulfillment. It is the color, which symbolized royalty, and denotes a luxurious sense of sophistication. Being the combination of red and blue, the warmest and coolest colors, purple is believed to be the ideal color for any where you use  [ Read More ]


The great thing about having a patio is that is allows you to open up your living room and to create a strong indoor-outdoor connection. Folding doors are perfect in this case as they allow you to connect the two spaces by eliminating the barrier between them. It’s the perfect combination for warm summer days.  [ Read More ]


Those opportune enough to find and give a dreamy location for their homes have many  things to look forward to when living there. For example, huge homes come with great views. Being able to sit in your comfortable home, relax in a chair or on the sofa and to admire the amazing views beyond is  [ Read More ]


We’ve all been there, haven’t we? At our grandmother’s house, watching black-and-white movies on her floral couch? I have…except she called it a “davenport,” which I never knew what that word actually meant until I was in my 20s and decided to look it up, once and for all. For as much as I loved  [ Read More ]