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The living room is a social space where family members and guests gather to spend time together. As a result, the living room’s interior design should facilitate communication and interaction. To ensure that happens, the furniture needs to be very well chosen. An L-shaped leather sofa would be a wonderful addition to the room. Its  [ Read More ]


Open space living rooms are not typical of a single style. They are, however, mostly seen in houses and residences as opposed to apartments, where the space is always limited. The main advantage of such a living room is flexibility. Typically, an open floor plan includes the living room, the dining room and the kitchen.  [ Read More ]

Living Room Design Ideas

October - 20 - 2012
Posted by jennie

As the current dictates, a modern living room is characterized by simplicity and minimalism. The furniture has clean lines and there are no unnecessary details or decorations. The accent falls on practicality, functionality and the ability to save space and create an airy and spacious décor. Of course, they can also feature accent elements that  [ Read More ]


In case you are planning to leave for Thailand, you’d better check this exclusive five-star boutique hotel, located on the East Coast of Phuket. Ocean’s 11, like the movie, is a gorgeous villa, ideal for your holiday. With an impeccable service presentation and with suites that offer breathtaking views upon the Andaman Sea and the  [ Read More ]


Every person likes a big house but if we all had one there wouldn’t be much free space left. We’re in a continuous expansion and this means there’s constantly less space we can use. But instead of thoughts that way, a more constructive idea would be to try to use the space we have in  [ Read More ]


We lately established photos and information about an intriguing Brazilian furniture store envisioned by Albus, a design company from Brazil. Here is a declaration from the creative team: “Happiness is the  magic that turns everything into gold”. In this mood, we created for furniture store Gobbi Novelle, from Porto Alegre, southern Brazil, its newest theme.  [ Read More ]


Want to do something passive? Something active? Something elegant? I’d like to recommend that you think the color blue. Sure, if it’s used imprecisely in large amounts in its most chief shade, blue becomes the visual symbol of over-the-top predictability and all things juvenile. But the truth is, blue has as many faces and moods  [ Read More ]


Occasionally still a large house can turn out to lack the storage space you need. As a result, you find yourself in the circumstances when the cabinets and closets are full and you still need more storage space. But instead of adding more healthy pieces of furnishings, you can come up with some more space-saving  [ Read More ]


The Platner chair is one of those pieces of furnishings that relax self-governing of the idea of time. It has an ageless intend. The Platner compilation was calculated in 1962 by burrow Platner who determined to twist his notice to strengthen wire furniture. The armchair is a mainly gorgeous piece that has a contemporary appear  [ Read More ]


Living wage space is the position where you pay out a lot of moments while you’re peaceful. You meet there with community and friends or simply watch TV by yourself. That’s why that space should be comfortable, high-quality look and practical. It’s a good quality design to use fragile and orderly colour, equipment and finish  [ Read More ]