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When we talk about Italian furniture it’s as credible that we talk about quality, modern and stylish furniture. Products by Vig Furniture aren’t an omission. By chance tripped on these ultra modern furniture sets we determined to show it to our readers. Exclusive spherical design offers a fascinating look and can change these sets into  [ Read More ]


A contented living room design is the thing that all home owners dreams to attain. This exotic black living room design may be the immense sample of it. The modern living room was planned to accommodate a lounging space in any route and a quiet place to read the collection of books and novels that  [ Read More ]


Here is eclectic living room furniture by Moroso with Button Down collection and it’s as fascinating in looks as it is by name. The Button Down sofa, armchair and side table have an eclectic look, featuring a patchwork of fresh patterns, colors and finishes. Netherlands designer Edward van Vliet gave the sofa a hassle-free, relaxed  [ Read More ]


Make a fresh and inspirational living room by preferring the correct themes such as a natural living room plan. Fetch back natural feel into your home with this stunning Forest Rug designed by Angela Adams and turn your living room into a peaceful move back. Set this forest rug in your wooden floors living room  [ Read More ]


It comes to no astonishment to learn and perceive that most modern living rooms design have one thing in common and that is the open floor plan applied in it. By using open floor concept design, the contemporary living room will come into such wonderful variability. The living room layout with open plan will look  [ Read More ]


These living room interior designs show you examples of modern, open rooms which combine the two colors in a regular way so that they complete each other very well. Sometimes there is used more red or more white but they always complete each other. At the same time, these colors difference each other so that  [ Read More ]


Sandra Bergstro specializes in Offices/Boardrooms, Interior Decorating, Space Planning, Detailing, Residential, Project Management, Coordinate visualizations both exterior and interior. Interior design is a multi-faceted profession in which creative and technical solutions are applied within a structure to achieve a built interior environment.A style, or theme, is a consistent idea used throughout a room to create  [ Read More ]


Ammie Kim was named one of the Great Women of the 21st Century (2nd edition) by American Biographical Institute for her achievements in design and social service. Living room is a very important part and most highlighted from all rooms. It not only welcomes guests and visitors, it also serves as the focal point and  [ Read More ]


Whether it’s a sofa, a lounger or a chair, they all go a long way in making your living room as cozy and comfortable as possible for a restful and enjoyable seating. Living room furniture can liven up your living room space and make it a place for family get together and cozy sittings. The few  [ Read More ]


The living room ideas come from Italian Alf Da Fre. This design integrated with fine lines with neutral colors like black and white, usually integrated with fine lines and contrasting colors of natural materials like wood for geometric forms and completed more than metal. We can also combine a leather sofa and sitting chairs with modern  [ Read More ]