karen On June - 10 - 2012

colorful ceiling fan 1 Colorful and Cute Fan by Quorum

Colorful and cute ceiling fan for the kids room because it looks just like a pinwheel. It is the “Pinwheel Ceiling Fan” created by Quorum. The fan’s each blade is colored differently and the multi-colored pattern of colors inspires kids’ imagination. The fan contains 6 blades and the 3 blades of the fan are colored in primary colors: red, yellow and blue and the rest of the blade are colored with the result of the mix of colors. For example green is between yellow and blue and so on. The price of this colorful fan is $238.

colorful ceiling fan 2 Colorful and Cute Fan by Quorum

colorful ceiling fan 3 Colorful and Cute Fan by Quorum

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