karen On August - 19 - 2010

Green Card Board Chair by Tim May 1 e1282215968375 Comfortable Cardboard Chair by Tim May

Tim May a very creative furniture designer, who has presented this perfect modern furniture, which is created with already-recycled ridged cardboard and they use stainless steel threaded rods and screws. He has made a cardboard chair with two cardboard stools. You can organize this cardboard furniture in any room; it will suit any room design. Even though it is made from a cardboard there is no doubt on the strength of it.

Green Card Board stools by Tim May 2 e1282216016652 Comfortable Cardboard Chair by Tim May

You will find clear varnish paint over the entire furniture, equally on the stools and the chair in order to improve and protect it and to provide an everlasting strength. Have a look at the pictures, a beautiful and low rate furniture design!

Green Card Board furniture by Tim May 3 e1282216046394 Comfortable Cardboard Chair by Tim May

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