cherryl On January - 25 - 2011

carbon kitchen doors 01 Contemporary and Mannish Kitchen with Carbon Doors

Poggenpohl P’7340 kitchen by Poggenpohl targeted exclusively at men. It’s design by Porsche. The aluminum kitchen can be partnered with either beautiful Driftwood or stunning Dark Oak which produces really appeals. The kitchen has really mannish and futuristic design but this year it was updated anyway. A new front has been given to this awesome kitchen. Carbon was used to style its doors. Familiar from motor racing, the ultra-light yet extremely strong and temperature-resistant carbon fiber composite is widely used today in aerospace but also increasingly in automotive engineering. Produced in a complex process, carbon is an exceptionally high-quality material. For this kitchen the material is laminated and applied to a glass front. The kitchen has become even more mannish and futuristic looking after that.

carbon kitchen doors 02 Contemporary and Mannish Kitchen with Carbon Doors

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