cherryl On March - 23 - 2011

stylish cube chair 1 Contemporary and Stylish Cube Chair

This comfortable piece of furniture is a contemporary approach to the traditional design for the armchair. It is a nice balance between the standard structure and the modern look. The Cube chair, as the designer Svilen Gamalov calls it, has a very illustrious look. The fine curves and the sophisticated and chic combination of colors make this a very pleasant piece of furniture. The black and white one actually reminds me of a penguin, probably because of the colors and the shape. This chair was designed to enclose the user, and that’s exactly what it does. When you sit in it you feel like you really belong there. It’s a perfect fit. And it’s not just good looking, but also very comfortable. Because it comes in different combinations of colors, you can choose the one you like best and that matches the style of your home.

stylish cube chair 2 Contemporary and Stylish Cube Chair

stylish cube chair 3 Contemporary and Stylish Cube Chair

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