jennie On April - 13 - 2011

Pyramid Stool 1 e1302690844413 Contemporary and Stylish Pyramid Stool

What is special about this stool is the fact that it’s created using two pyramids, one on top of the other and upside down. A structure that challenges gravity. It might not look very safe to sit on but it is. The stool is made from hardwood, oak, teak and walnut. The dimensions are w 15.7” x d 15.7” x h 17.7”. The paint used is nontoxic and all materials used are safe, durable and certified. There are three natural color options: ebonized oak, tan walnut and golden teak. This piece has a very contemporary design. However it features hand-crafted details. The combination was a success, creating a very illustrious piece of furniture. Available for 295$.

Pyramid Stool 21 Contemporary and Stylish Pyramid Stool

Pyramid Stool 3 e1302690939855 Contemporary and Stylish Pyramid Stool

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